5 Advantages of Using Yii Framework to Your Business

5 Advantages of Using Yii Framework to Your Business

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PHP has a few high-performance frameworks such as Laravel, Phalcon, Symphony and Code igniter. Yii framework is yet another Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework that is based on PHP. Yii stands for ‘Yes It Is’, was developed by Qiang Xue and is pronounced as Yee.

Based on object-oriented programming, Yii is apt for Web 2.0 programming and web based applications that handle massive traffic. For those who are interested in formation of CMS, e-commerce systems and portals, social media sites and forums, etc. Yii offers swift, lightweight and refined caching mechanisms ideal for such platforms.

Yii grants varied advantages to programmers and business owners. It is free software and has open source code is rich in features and has absolute documentation’s. Let us explore advantages of PHP Yii framework for business in detail.

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Advantages of Yii Framework 

  • Easy configuration: Yii has one of the simplest and easiest installation processes and configuration is extremely easy to follow as well. All you need is web server compliant with PPH 5 framework. Above all Yii framework has a dedicated site that educated the Yii users on all aspects pertaining to Yii usage.
  • Easy on your pocket: As stated earlier, Yii software is free and since it is based on various aspects of PPH as object oriented programming and MVC, it becomes easy for the programmers to work on projects that are extensively based on Yii. Yii encourages testing at each and every step, employs Gii module and automation and thus, owing to all these positive features the number of programmes required in team can be reduced. It finally results in less number of days to work on as well as lesser human resources are required to be employed.
  • Highly secured: The security features of Yii framework keep XSS issues and SQL integration issues at bay. It prevents the cross-site scripting and the cookie attacks with a high-security mechanisms. The in-built security suite of Yii keeps web based projects safe from the virus and hacking attacks.
  • Growth friendly: A web based project needs lots of support of social media to increase its popularity as well as client base. Integration of social media via APIs is easily possible via Yii framework.

Furthermore, when the user base expands, the Yii framework is designed to expand and handle heavy traffic with ease. Thus, no further expenses need to be incurred to adjust growing traffic needs.

In addition, since Yii framework has been designed to expand its cache in layers, it becomes light and swift at the users end as well. Thus, the application/platform is by default user-friendly and promotes itself among users.

  • Support and updates: An extensible, robust and scalable tool that expands per as requirement of the web project. The Yii updates are free, tested and easily comply to keep your projects auto updated. Thus, your project remains upgraded at no extra cost and without extra effort. 

Being based on PPH framework and due to massive library and quick OOP features that Yii comes with editing, modifying and adding additional features to project becomes easy for the programmers.

Moreover, the Yii community is massive and all kinds of answers can be within the community itself. Any and every answer related to any issues related to the Yii framework based projects can be found within the community. Even the official Yii site support is extensively positive.

Not all features can be measured and captured in words or in financial figures. Yii is to be used and experienced. Well of course you can find both kind of programmers (those who are madly in love with offering of Yii and those who simply cannot stand it) yet, there is no business or end user who wound not admire a project based on Yii framework. Share your experience of Yii projects and we would be glad to incorporate your views and expertise for our other reader as well.


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