All About The New Mobile-Friendly Google Update

All About The New Mobile-Friendly Google Update

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After issuing warning to the entire webmaster’s to fix their website to be Mobile-Friendly, Google is about to bring in a new update. As per industry experts, the new Mobile-Friendly update will have a much bigger impact than the impact of Panda or Penguin algorithm. Here are a few heads up for those who wish to keep up with (once again the massive) changing times.

1. Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

The new Mobile-Friendly algorithm in anticipated to be launched on or around April 21, 2015. A new crawler for the mobile devices that would scan single-page apps, Deep Links in android apps as well as iOS apps is anticipated. The guidelines issued last month emphasize on crunching JS and CSS. All the Android apps, as well as the most single-page web apps, would fundamentally rely on JS.

2. How to test if your website is mobile-friendly as per Google?

Google had issues guidelines and tools to test Mobile-Friendliness of the website. The results are displayed out of 100 points. The Red score indicates too many issues to fix, the Yellow indicates a fewer issues that need to be fixed, however, there is just a 100/100 score in Green that indicates that your mobile-friendly site is all set.

3. Will a non-mobile-friendly website impact the desktop rankings as well?

Contrary to the earlier information passed on via a Blog update, Zineb, a representative of Google replied with a straight ‘no’ to any such impacts at the SMX Munich. However, it is still recommended to ensure that the site is passable on mobile devices. The User Experience is a factor being displayed in the mobile-friendly test, however, it plays an equally important role in desktop ranking factors as well.

4. Will the mobile SEPRs be affected?

SERPs on Android devices are of course going to be affected. Furthermore, the impact might be seen on the iOS devices as well. While Google has been testing deep linking on Android OS, as per Justin Briggs mention in his Moz post, test of iOS deep links are being validated on the Google’s deep link webmaster tool as well.

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Search results on an Android device Search results on an iOS device Search results on a Windows device

As email access on mobile phones has grown at the rate of 180% in past three years, the SEPRs are being affected by the same as well. While Google has been indexing e-mails of Gmail, emails, optimization for the mobile search will be significant soon as well. Thus, post 4/21, the traffic competition on mobile will not only be based on keyword ranking.

5. Will the mobile sub domain be considered as mobile-friendly?

Contrary to the previous staunch stance on the responsive web designing, there are a few indications that lead us to believe that the ‘m (dot)’ mobile sub-domains of the websites will be considered as mobile-friendly websites.

6. Will the mobile app impact my mobile rankings?

The mobile apps are being considered as an entirely different search. They are being listed on the right panel of the search results on the Android device. However, based on the keyword, the traffic on the apps being listed in search results will surely be affected.

7. If I have a limited budget, what should I invest in a mobile-friendly website or an app?

Building an app is your business decision. It has got nothing to do with the SERPs and Google changes. What do you offer in your app is what will affect your inquiry or sales prospects. From a mobile-friendly web site to an app, which is of prime importance to your business, that is what you must decide.

8. How to locate the best keywords for my mobile friendly website?

The keywords search results being listed are based on mobile as well as the desktop search. However, since the mobile search is much more organic and on a steep rise, the results are being based more on the mobile searches.

9. What is Google’s goal with all of these mobile-friendly changes?

Quality results for the end user have always been the prime motive of Google. The new changes are very much in tune with the same motive. The Smartphones brought internet-based services to the mobile users and now Google is enhancing their experience.

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