Difference and Comparison between iOS7 and iOS8

Difference and Comparison between iOS7 and iOS8

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Apple released its latest operating system, iOS 8, in September last year. It is very similar in looks and features to the earlier iOS 7 though there are many significant changes that are being appreciated by iPhone 6 users. Apple has labeled it as a major update that is aimed at improving user experience and to make available a host of new features. It makes sense to know about the new features and differences between iOS 7 and iOS 8 before upgrading or buying a new Apple device.


Visual changes

At first glance, iOS 8 looks very similar to iOS 7. It is difficult to spot the differences between the two operating systems. However, there are a few new icons and features added in this OS in addition to tweaks in the UI that help in making it friendlier and easier for users.

A big visual change lies in the addition of shortcuts inside multitasking window. You find a list of frequently dialed numbers alongside running apps to easily access them.


Continuity feature

This is a feature that allows people to work seamlessly between their Mac and iPhone. For example, if they are writing a mail on their Mac computer, they can continue where they left using their iPhone 6 using iOS8.

a6SIRI that is hands free now

If you are fond of SIRI, the voice assistant, you will find it even more attractive in iOS 8. It is permanently on now and just a voice command is enough to activate it. You can now give command in 22 languages and ask it to buy products from iTunes.

Family sharing account

iOS 8 allows users to share apps, music and media content with others in a family. This means if you purchase an app for your iPhone, you can share it with other family members using Apple devices.

Intelligent typing

The new OS has the ability to make predictions while typing an email. You can choose from different suggestions to type quickly. This feature was not there in OS 7. It also works seamlessly with other typing apps.

Better emailing

With iOS 8, emailing becomes a lot easier as user can flip through earlier mails to create a new mail. This was not possible with iOS 7.

WhatsApp like feature

This new OS allows users to record an audio clip and send it to their friends in much the same fashion as Android users. One can also send video clips by simply tapping a button.

Wi-Fi calling

If iOS 7 allowed users to send iMessages with Wi-Fi facility, they can now also make free calls with iOS 8 if they have access to Wi-Fi network.


Health Kit

Health Kit collects all your health related data garnered through different apps in one place so as to allow you to view your health related information easily. The idea behind this kit is to give an overview of health to the users that they can share with their doctor easily. In case of an emergency, user can create a Medical ID to share with his doctor to get immediate help.

In the end, iOS 8 is certainly a lot better than iOS 7 but one should upgrade to it only if he is using an iPhone 5 or higher. This is because it can slow down the older iPhones.

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