Five SEO Predictions For 2015

Five SEO Predictions For 2015

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The year 2014 marked silver jubilee (25 years) of the World Wide Web and thus, with the year 2015 the golden era of WWW begins. In the past 25 years the internet has grown leaps and bounds and the information technology did give new definitions to connectivity (via social media), information search (on search engines) and to the business (with e-commerce).

When Google left all the competitors (especially yahoo) far behind, experts began to tweak their search engine optimization as per parameters set by Goolge (via Penguin, Panda and finally, Hummingbird) updates. Top ratings in Google SERPs became a logical source of good traffic that would result in handsome revenues.

Today, all the small and large stakeholders of WWW have these big questions as concern for marketing,

• Will the cycle of updates again hit the SERPs and rankings, again?
• Will rules of SEO change in 2015?
• What can you do to grow as the strong contender on the WWW?

Here Are Our Top 5 Predictions For SEO 2015

1.Google Test Search Results with Organic Listings and Not Just External Backlinks:

Organic traffic will continue to dominate. SEO is neither dead nor it will be. However, there was no space for black hat SEO ever and the organic search will continue to dominate the SERPs. Be it desktop or any mobile devices, organic search rules.
Keywords alone are no longer going to be effective and the long-tail keywords in relevance to search are on Goolge’s next list. Thus, the authentic expertise of organic content will drive the ratings in 2015 more than ever.

With daily, over 2 million post and 864,000+ hours of visual content being uploaded on YouTube, you sure will have to fight for your genuine position.

To be on the top of the search engine listings

• Make your content much more authentic and
• Keep it relevant as per your visitors’ expectations and do not fail them
• Relevant, informative, emotionally gripping and reliable content will find market for itself and traffic for you.
• Original and organic content will keep attracting conversions as well as customers on B2B as well as B2C platforms.

2. SEO Cannot Win Alone, Focus On Multi Layer Marketing

As the cliché goes, humans are social beings. Therefore, how can our mingling on internet be any different? SEO alone will not be able to generate traffic and revenue for organizations. SEO is becoming more and more difficult and competitive. In case, you have yet not opted for social media marketing or if you are not serious about marketing on social media, you are definitely losing your ground. Social media is where traffic is and that is where you will have to continue to find your share as well. Moreover, Google made is clear that unless people like you and support you, they will not share your post. Thus, if you do not have a strategic plan to succeed at social media marketing, at least Google is not ready to give you any recognition.
What you need to do

What you need to do

• Test content across various channels and create content accordingly, and
• Implement marketing strategies that integrate SEO implementation


3. Mobile Traffic: Keep Up With the Widening Horizons

In 2002, we studied what would be the impact of electronic media on print media. In 2014, our focus was on enterprise marketing via mobile apps v/s desktops internet access. Mobile internet in not only here to stay but is destined to grow. The app and services (SAAS) and cloud storage with secured access is already here and is going to bite a big share of the desktop internet.

Do not want to be left behind, to begin with,

• Ensure that your website is responsive and
• Offer user experience and not just a good navigational interface
• Include your SEO search and SEO strategies on mobile internet usage as well
• The SEO strategies for 2015 will have to balance both desktop and mobile user

The sooner you capture hearts of mobile users, the better it will be for you. Who wants to download a new app everyday? (Neither you nor your consumers, act ASAP).

4. Design A Brand That Consumers Admire

Overall, presence across various channels and various platforms will help your emerge as a brand. If you will leave your impression as a brand on your end-users, you will survive on internet. As long as your consumers admire your brand, want to keep coming back for more then nothing can stop you from flourishing. Simple, isn’t it? It is true as well.

Emerging as a brand on a single search engine was not so difficult a decade ago, but not the game has evolved to an altogether different level. Either catch up with the changing rules right away or take help of an expert. There is nothing wrong is hiring an expert who knows how to balance long-tail keywords across various devices, search engines, applications and platforms.

What should you do?
Optimize your brand presence with expert content across various search engines and platforms (be seems as much as you can). Being visible only on Google might hamper your growth by the end of 2015. Horizons have widened from Google search to mobile applications, can you afford to be only on one end?

5. Track ROI Metrics and Not the Keyword Rankings

Undoubtedly, better SERP is straight away related to healthy traffic that converts into better revenue. There is more to your brand than a bunch of keywords. Revenue generation is as important as back links, brand visibility and long-term SEO strategic communication. Apart from analyzing your SEO rankings, calculations of revenue generation will give you a better picture of how long and strong can you survive.
At the end, what does matter is how much did the business earn. Compare SEO to ROI, and distribute your marketing budget for 2015 accordingly. Do ask your marketing experts ‘show me the money’!

Now, isn’t that what you always wanted? (Go with your gut, ethical business sense– that is all it takes!)

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