PHP Mysql Development

We build a Powerful Web Application, Portals and Ecommerce Solutions Using PHP MySql

Magneto is a best PHP MySql Development Company India, which assists you to keep pace and provide service well-suited with the vibrant e- market using PHP and SQL web development with top developers. We provide business oriented solutions by following an exponential approach starting with Requirement analysis and ending with Maintenance and Support. We ensure delivery of quality applications in an accelerated and cost effective manner. We hire PHP MySQL Developers and coders who are dedicated and highly consistent and experienced. They don’t hesitate from pushing the boundaries of traditional development conventions to come up with solutions that are dependable as well as scalable. We have developed customized and exclusive web solutions starting from easy corporate websites to ecommerce solutions, wide web-based applications, CMS, etc across various industries spanning Publishing, Travel, Education, Entertainment, Media etc. We have also worked with clients from top countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe.

How can PHP MySql Development help you for the StartUp your business?

PHP MySQL is a platform used for constructing feature-rich website and dynamic websites with database access. Interactive and innovative websites can be built by using PHP Mysql. The skilled professionals working with us have excellent database skills, making sure that the data is stored and retrieved in an efficient manner. All these factors will help you achieve the long term business goals.

What PHP MySql Development services we provide?

  • Custom Website and Web Application Development
  • PHP MySQL Consultant
  • E-Commerce Web Application Development
  • Inventory Management System
  • PHP MySQLdevelopment for small business
  • Web Portal Development
  • Enterprise PHP MySQL Development
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • PHP MySQL Web development solutions
  • Real Estate Solution development
  • CRM Software Development
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Payment gateway based on PHP MYSQL

How much will PHP MySql Development cost?

In PHP MySql Development Company India price can vary depending on various factors like, scope and features, content and functionalities, customization, development cost requirements, complexity of the website, time frame of the development and many more. For a precise or approximate estimation of the cost, you need assistance from an expert web development company like Magneto IT Solutions. Our Best PHP MySQL Developers will guide you properly and provide you with the best solution for your website that is customer centric as well as cost effective.

Features of the PHP MySql Development are:

  • Works effortlessly on platforms like Apache and IIS
  • Supports databases and web browsers
  • Extremely compatible with all the operating systems
  • Maintain content and designing part separately
  • Supports multiple languages
  • As an outcome of being based on two open source tools, the process is really cost-efficient
  • Effortlessly embedded into HTML
  • It includes some security patches available today like PHPIDS and Hardening Patch.

For Over 5+ years we have successfully delivered 1000+

Website applications for 500+ Customer across the globe.

“As a small business owner of two firms I am really happy to have partnered up with a company which delivers results.  As what started with SEO grew to having them do two more web sites for me and now maintenance.  Unlike my previous web site developer which took many days to complete even simple web site changes, Magento IT services complete my tasks in less than 24 hours from the original request.  Before I use to dread looking at my declining google rankings but now its something I look forward to as our company ranks number 1 in many categories.  A sincere thank you for all your hard efforts, appreciate it very much.”

Humza Chowdhry

Magneto IT Solutions; seem very honest and do really good work! – I have been very pleased with the three websites they have done for me” “When a correction needed to be made they responded quite quickly!” 

Joe Watson

“Magneto IT Solutions has been a great extension of my company. While working with him I found the firm to be caring, professional and at all times kept my projects on time and on budget.”

Tricia Hancock

“Magneto IT Solutions has built our website quickly and efficiently, making changes without any fuss or delay. Very reasonably priced and so I have no hesitation in recommending him”

Jonathan Hoblyn

“Magneto IT Solutions is a true professional and entrepreneur. He is very pleasant to work with and is very committed to the success of the job. He takes pride in providing optimal solution and implementing maintainable and high quality software products.”

Hassan Sharique Altamash

“Thanks for the conception and putting online our new website. You succeed to meet our expectations in a shortest time possible. Our collaboration was efficient and very pleasant. We will certainly come back to you in the future for other commercial projects. Good luck”

Patricia Rolland

“I was fortunate to work with such creative and visionary minds like the team at Magneto IT Solutions,” says Weston. “Bringing my first Smartphone APP: ‘Test Your ESP with Zener Cards’ life was great fun.”

Victoria lynn Weston
I contacted Magneto Solutions looking a quote for the development of an App – based on my proposal they more than helped me with my query, provided a breakdown of costs (which was more than reasonable) – together we developed the App from beginning to end and since then have went on to develop other web projects together.
Magneto solutions provide an excellent service, the standard of work is fantastic and no question is ever too silly to ask.
I am looking forward to a future of working together.


Dionne McCabe

Magneto came highly recommended to me and have certainly exceeded our expectations. While developing our multi-device digital platform and website their team displayed commerciality, intelligence, speed and forward thinking. Our requirements were complex, but they were quick to present and execute a quality solution. We are looking forward to a longstanding relationship in the future.

Andrew Nunn

Truly professional and very quick work. They have given me the exact thing that I was looking for. I’m definitely working again with Magneto!


Why work with Magneto PHP-MySQL?

Specialist skillset coverage

Advanced coding expertise

Top coders in evolution

One of the most amazing things about an open source system is the fact that one is always learning and growing with the latest developments. In its course of usage, the PHP architecture has given rise to multiple amazing coding protocols such as Cake and Zend for web app development. With us, you get the best and the latest on both of the aforementioned coding systems. Get in touch with your unique requirements NOW.

We are helpful

Friendly support team

The support team at Magneto is super-friendly in explaining any troubleshooting issue to its resolution. Coding is a work of details. Although our experienced developers put in their full focus, yet errors may creep in. These may also skip our jurisdiction during the successive testing procedures. Whenever you locate any error, we move fast to rectify it in providing a hassle free experience. You may also want to update your current application with the latest standards.

We are methodical

Shaped by experience

At Magneto, experienced developers work simultaneously on multiple projects. The years of experience in the industry segment has been critical in setting up a superb streamlined flow of work. As soon as your project enters our pipeline, it undergoes the fastest possible response from all relevant departments. Our staffs cooperate in a highly friendly working ambience, seeking their best in return. The effective IT management facilities employed by us show up in excellent results.

We charge nothing extra

As per the standard

Our pricing plans are as per the standard cost schemes in PHP MySQL. However, we furnish the advantages of customized pricing without charging anything extra than the norm. In fact, we are super transparent in the breakdown of the costs. We value our partnerships and expect clients to value our efficient service in standard, adequate compensation. Call us anytime to discuss your project specifics and get to know how much you must prepare to spend.