Top 7 SEO Techiniques to Look Out For In 2015

Top 7 SEO Techiniques to Look Out For In 2015

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Google’s John Mueller has put a big question mark on the entire technique of Link building. He says he would avoid link building to avoid harm for your site.

Lately, Link building was considered as the essential factor for any SEO campaign. With this, Google started considering a rich link profile as a key gesture for the domain’s authority, it was the only sagacious way to increase the authority of a site. Until very recently, Google started to attacks the link building practice with new algorithmic updates and new rules directly observing the profile link on a website. These are some signals to avoid the link building practice by search marketers.

Link building got the mixed responses to the question whether it should be used or it should be banned to some extent. Links have the huge effects on the algorithm because it is the most practical element to verify the website authority. Yet after some time the effect has damaged because of the increase risks involved in it.


1.Content is King: Again Content remains king. Every page of your site should be informative and unique. And also should be around 100 words in length, So that every time a user visits on any page of your site, they should get useful information. Your content will instantly create your ability and your grip over the business. Also in case of About Us page or a Contact Us page does not misjudge their power and try to give correct details wherever you find it essential.
You are absolutely right to some extent,if your think link building is still a profitable option. Though the most legitimate way to create backlinks is by writing an unique and informative content both on site & off site. This is the definitely the best way to generate quality links . You can write content in form of infographic, text or a video, but should be linkable benefits. Content is considered as the eventual tool in your link building efforts.

2.Mobile optimization: Since 21 april 2015, it has become more essential for websites to be mobile optimized with the update of “Mobilegeddon” . You just can’t afford to consider this factor in your SEO technique. And since so many times Google has started looking for all mobile optimized websites for higher ranking. If you’r not incorporating mobile-optimization into your SEO campaign, may result in loss of rankings.

3.Product Reviews: Product is considered as the one of the best branding tools for generating links. It leads to bring the best visitors to your sites and could verify to pass on some profitable diagnosis.You can use the existing positive customer feedback, or reviews and post them on your websites, or other review sites.And you can also send your product sample or provide a segment of your service for free to review blogger and let them write reviews on it.

4.Seasonal SEO : Seasonal SEO is another trend that is getting popular in 2015. Instead of thinking at the pages as finished products, think upon it to optimize as the audience requirements during the entire year. Suppose if you’re providing “ Spring Sale” on your site and don’t worry about to move down offer until Christmas, it is certainly not going to generate a good image for your site. Also make sure that the audience requirements are getting fulfill during the entire year at various intervals. Make the web page more relevant for your users by optimizing it for festivals. And it will attract more visitors and increase the rankings to your website.

5.Site Navigation: You will seem to be good to google if you value to the user experience by making it easy for the audience to navigate through your site. Optimization the navigation to make it the great website the visitor could move around. The best thing you can do is that group all the pages in single navigation bar with a complete list of pages and well defined headings. Make sure you include systematic interlinking and search bar so that all pages on your site are easily accessible .

6.Strong Social Media Presence: If you want to become social animal, you must get involved with the scenario. Build strong business profile on all the social networking platforms where you are likely to get applicable people and connect regularly on these platforms by coming up with regular posts. Try to build business connections, contacts and live community with syndicated content and company updates with some special offers.

7.Branding: Like how Google used to view inbound links, it also examines the branding throughout the web. There is no risk involved in branding. They pass authority based on the credibility of the source and the context of the branding.

Conclusion:  As link building becoming wicked, you should first focus on these SEO techniques. There are lots of other ranking factors rather than link building. With  these techniques you will not able to get good ranking, but also you can able to build brand.

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