What’s new in iOS 9 – Everything you need to know

What’s new in iOS 9 – Everything you need to know

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Apple announced iOS 9 on June 8 and has subsequently released Beta versions and official updates. People now eagerly await iOS 9.3 . But before iOS 9.3 hits the airwaves, lets understand what iOS 9.2 has to offer.

So, whats new?

Apps by Apple : an all new Notes, greatly improved Maps, convenient iCloud Drive and a mail you will get ‘attached ’ to.

Notes : the Notes app has seen some ‘ noteworthy ’ improvements. The new Notes now has features which makes it more productive and may prove to be a competition to Evernote and OneNote.

Get, Set, Sketch : sketch directly into your note. Highlight important information or make a creative note using a selection of drawing tools.

Attachments : want to attach a link or a photo to a note ,use share button while using other apps to make an attachment to a new or existing note. The attachments browser lists all attachments.

Accessibility : all information is updated in real time across all your devices, a big thanks to iCloud.

Maps : or rather Transport connects you to public transport in select cities. Transport provides you with routes and directions. It also works with Siri. Ask Siri for public transport directions and transport will assist you. The transport feature of Maps works in select cities only.


iCloud drive : an organized iCloud drive means no more switching between apps to find your file. Files can now be directly accessed from the Home screen.


Mail: mail now comes with attachments ,now you can easily attach different documents directly from iCloud Drive. Mail is also powered by an intuitive search tool. Search by attachment name or sender name or a combination of both.

iOS9 with iPad

Apple has incorporated some only-meant-for-iPad changes in iOS9,which improve upon overall iPad productivity. Its new multitasking features enhance user experience.


Split View: shuffle no more. Use two apps simultaneously and double the productivity.

Picture-In-Picture: press the home button and the video that is playing or FaceTime will shift to a corner, utilize another app while enjoying your video.

Slide Over: use two apps simultaneously and slide over the app when its not required.

Quicktype: an all new Shortcut Bar makes editing convenient. Multi-Touch gestures combined with increased shortcut availability with a wireless keyboard makes typing really easy and intuitive. The new keyboard support Indian languages including Hindi, Gujarati,Punjabi and Telugu.

Siri : Intelligent.Proactive.Better

Convenient Image Search and Easier Reminders : search through the gallery for images or videos you like. Ask Siri to remind you about important tasks.

Increasingly Intelligent Search: do simple calculations and conversions directly from the search bar. Search bar also allows you text or call a contact.

General Improvements

iOS9 has seen some efficient enhancements for improved experience.

Better Battery Performance: key technologies in OS have been fine tuned to consume less power. A low power mode for iPhone squeezes in upto 60 minutes of extra time before the juice runs out.

Metal API support.: iOS9 makes an extensive use of Metal API to reduce render times and increases sunlight readability of the screen. Moreover, Metal also enhances GPU and CPU performance.

Improved Security : with six digits Passcodes and two factor authentication all your sensitive data and private information are protected. It is 100 times more difficult for unauthorized persons to open your device.

Android Migration Assist: this feature is great for first time iPhone users. Download the Migrate to iOS app from Play store and it safely transfers important data. Free apps are automatically suggested and paid apps are added to a Wishlist.

Thinner Updates: iOS updates are thinner than ever and leave more space for things you love

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