Design Responsive and Error free eCommerce store with magento

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Responsive designing is becoming a mandate virtue for the merchandisers who are looking forward towards a successful and profitable E-commerce website. But developing a responsive designing can create too many errors as well. Under Magento development, you can easily create an error- free responsive designing integrated with your site. Let’s discuss some tips on the same:

Responsive Themes:

Though there are various themes that you can create, but in order to create a responsive designing with your E-commerce platform, you must create mobile ready website. These website are available in best themes with Magento development  and HTMLs. When you plan to build a responsive site, you require lot of functions to install with the coding. But with official magento themes, you will be served with all the functions that will help in creating a responsive design along with attributes including form inputs.

Have you ever thought why HTML is such a popular platform in web development? Well, the reasons are quite appreciated: control for videos, cache application and Images with Canvas detailing. With HTML responsive theme, you do not require different plug-ins for video streaming. Most of the times, developer is troubled with native apps as e-commerce is generally built on multiple platforms. But with HTML response theme, developer can code the entire website on a single platform irrespective of the devices and operating system under process.

Responsive Image Optimization:

In order to serve the best responsive site to your potential customers, you must optimize the images as well. It will help in decreasing the amount of data that is getting transferred in order to display the same. It will help in improving the experience for users. The best method to optimize the images for responsive design is through scaling the same. You can scale the image in code. Setting where you can change the “max width” to 100%! This option will help your image to fit on the screen to its biggest dimension possible without disturbing the quality of the image at all! So do not miss to optimize your image for responsive designing.

Optimizing performance:

It is essential to optimize the performance of your E-commerce site. In order to do the same, merchandisers can contact third party acceleration provider under the range of caching under local content.

optimize the performance of your E-commerce site

If you are thinking why your e-commerce site requires responsive design, well it’s better for your business and revenues. Let’s talk about the reasons why your site needs responsive design:

==> It helps in reducing the maintenance cost further ahead

==> It provides a better experience for the users and potential customers

==> Your E-commerce site becomes SEO friendly

==> The ranking of your site becomes better with Google

==> Having two different URLS and sites for different devices can be really expensive. But with responsive design, you can reduce the same cost.

==> You can utilize content as you do not have to write two different types of content for two different URLs

==> Speed of the site is definitely an added advantage as it helps in better users experience

==> You will be realized with much more traffic on your site

==> The sales through your E-commerce site will be increased as well!

==> Through responsive designing, you can approach the right set of customers at a right time through their mobiles

==> Customers can enjoy the service of keeping a track of their purchase orders

The above mentioned tips will help you with better results on the same. Just make sure you hire a highly skilled Magento web developer that will realize your business to a great extent of profits. One will surely accept the fact that there are many retail stores and merchandisers who have switched to smarter solution like E-commerce. Because well, the type of benefits and profits you earn through online platform is much more appreciated as compared to traditional manners.

shopping with eCommerce sites

And well, when we think with the perspective of a user, the experience through e-commerce site is much more comfortable and enjoyable. I mean if you can shop your favorite brands and clothes just by sitting on your couch, when why to put too many efforts to shop in a mall? In fact, the fact states that the internet users are increased to 60% especially towards online shopping. And if the e-commerce site is integrated with responsive design, the experience is just incredible. You can browse your favorite collection in no time. The technology has passed through immense surprises that are nothing but addiction to users these days! Can you afford a day without your smart phone or a laptop in your hand? Of course not! And well, responsive design integrated with e-commerce website is a revolutionary entitle in the technological norms.

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