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Can’t Code? You Can Still Launch Your Tech Startup

Can’t Code? You Can Still Launch Your Tech Startup

So you have a great idea for your tech startup but know nothing about technical aspects of developing, programming, or coding? No problem you are not alone. Even Google once was a startup. There are many successful companies whose entrepreneurs weren’t technical kings. Let’s take AirBnB, both the founders of the company were not technically good. But today they own a billion dollar worth tech company.

Sometimes, all it takes is one idea that wakes us up from the never-ending dreams and changes our lives forever. One such idea came into Chad Mureta’s brain. Chad Mureta, a former real estate developer, survived a near-fatal car accident. That was when he discovered his company, App empire

While laying in his hospital bed after a couple of surgeries, a friend of his introduced him to the world of apps. That very minute he thought of developing his own app but due to not having enough funds he borrowed money from his family to build his first own app and fortunately it turned out to be a huge success. He so far has launched nearly 65 apps and is now a multi-millionaire.

The biggest myth of every non-tech professional is that they think every tech-related thing is almost equal to rocket science. Fortunately, it is not. If you have ever spoken with a tech guy regarding what they do, there are more chances for your eyes end up looking happy and relaxed at the end of the conversation.

The reason is a part of technology is certainly hard that includes algorithms, coding, etc. However, technology doesn’t seem hard especially when you want to do is build a website or an app that connects users and businesses.

Here are 7 essential key points every budding non-technical entrepreneur needs to know to launch a startup.

  • First Things First – Get Your Basics Right

As an entrepreneur, it is highly crucial for you to first understand what exactly you want out of this. No business has ever succeeded overnight. It takes a lot of effort and great planning to achieve success. A crystal clear plan is needed in hand well before you start anything. Right from your business concept, idea, strategy, and sales & marketing plan, to estimated cost for day-to-day business, you need to take care of these things right from the beginning.

  • Ensure You Have an MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

MVP is an important aspect in the process of prioritizing the development for your startup. Building an MVP is a strategy that always reminds you to avoid the development of products that consumers do not want/like. It is a key approach for a quick and quantitative market testing of a product or its feature.

  • Find a Tech Co-Founder

You are not a tech expert, so what? Find a tech co-founder who has a considerable expertise in the similar field. Look for a professional who has unparalleled skills and tech experience so that you don’t leave anything behind. Many big brands like Amazon.com, YouTube.com, and Alibaba.com weren’t built by tech experts by they had one by their side to guide them.

Search your partner in your network connections so that there would be someone who knows and recommends your partner-to-be so that you can get started instantly.

  • In-House or Outsource Developer

Not just you, many of us at some or the other point have faced this sort of situation. Initially you should outsource the first stage of your project, then once it is done accordingly, consider hiring in-house developers. The reason behind this is many times the issue lies in building a product before validating your idea. The outcome is nothing but a waste of time, resources, and energy. However, there are a few required things to consider before choosing an app development company right from their portfolio to maintenance & support.

  • Hire Professionals Wisely

The startup isn’t just about you or your co-founder. A team of expertise professionals with relevant skills is highly required for your company’s success. Hire a bunch of tech and talented experts who are ready to give their time, knowledge, and grow with your company.

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