Online Home SHopping Marketplace Case Study


ITOOH assisted its suppliers and vendors in registering on the platform and providing services to their clients as a marketplace.


The ask

ITOOH Homestyle is a one-stop-shop for frictionless homestyle discovery and purchasing. ITOOH’s mission is to provide clients with easy access to high-quality home furnishings as well as the discipline required to make them work in any environment. They combine the convenience of online buying with the meticulous curating of a well-designed den.

Common issues faced by the Client :

  • As an e-commerce marketplace, ITOOH intended to be known as the Philippines’ number one online furniture seller and a source of excellent customer service. ITOOH also wanted to build a large client base and create brand awareness in the long run.
  • The Client desired a dependable platform for visitors to enjoy a safe experience.
  • The Client requested a gift card module to be included into the ecommerce website.
  • The Client wanted to have the data of customers visiting the website but could not buy the products even after adding the product to the cart.
  • The Client desired a straightforward return management system to make the consumers’ journey as seamless as possible.
  • The Client wished to have a live chat feature integrated with the website.
  • The Client requested an area where they could display things on sale at a reduced price.
  • The customer desired customized promotion solutions incorporated into the website to adjust the terms and conditions of the offer made available on the platform.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



Considering the Client’s needs for the Marketplace, Magneto IT Solutions created a platform that met the ITOOH’s expectations and helped them establish a global presence. Customers will have a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to Magneto’s custom design for the Marketplace.



  • For The ITOOH, we created an E-Commerce Marketplace that allowed vendors to sell their items on the platform. With the support of the Marketplace, the Client was also able to establish a global presence.
  • We added a two-factor authentication feature to the platform, ensuring that users enjoyed a safe and secure experience.
  • We built a gift card structure inside the platform to utilize the gift card they earned at checkout.
  • We incorporated an abandoned cart management function into the website, which allowed the vendor to comprehend better the data of clients who were unable to purchase the goods despite adding it to their basket.
  • Customers had a hassle-free buying experience because the website integrated a straightforward return management system.
  • We added a live chat feature to the Marketplace to enable visitors to obtain immediate responses to their questions.
  • We developed a unique sale area where visitors can browse all of the goods currently on sale at a reduced price.
  • We gave the customer the flexibility to adjust the terms and conditions for promotional offers, establishing personalized promotions.

Facts & figures

Through its Marketplace activities, ITOOH offered its suppliers and partners a chance to engage with their consumers. It also succeeded in getting the Suppliers to sign up for the platform. Customers also joined up for the platform to see the premium items offered and benefit from the site’s discounts.


Responsive Layout

We designed a mobile-friendly website for ITOOH since they required one. We tested the web pages on several mobile devices to guarantee that the web pages run correctly. Furthermore, the navigation and content categories were created to provide clients with a uniform experience.


Take Away

This case study shows how Magneto IT Solutions, as a technology partner, helped ITOOH develop their Marketplace in terms of design, functionality, and user experience to increase customer traffic and income through their e-Commerce platform.

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