SafeTech Products

Smart technology that provide modern locking system for home and personal belongings.

Stay secure with new locking system.

It works smoothly through mobile app.

Client wanted us to develop security app
for all users using Android and iOS platform.

What smart work can you do ?

  • Easy to Lock & Unlock
  • View history logs
  • Change user settings
  • Set calendars, alarms
  • Add RFID devicess
  • Manage biometric settings
  • Bluetooth enabled smartphone connect faster
  • Change other configurations directly from your smartphone.

Leave Traditonal Way, Be Modern !

Traditional methods for locking has various limitations. You may forget keys or it may be stolen. It’s difficult to keep
them in overloaded pocket. To overcome this limitations SafeTech Products has brough innovative solution
that will make your life more relaxed.

Change your lifestyle from complex to relax

This app consist feature to get connected with locking system through Bluetooth in smartphone. It connects directly to your bluetooth enabled devices. Devices offered by Safe Tech Products include Quicklock padlock, Quicklock door lock, TheGunbox, The Medbox and other smart devices that will bring revolution in your lifestyle.