VidUnit - Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform Case Study


Influencers and agencies/brands were able to interact with one another more efficiently, resulting in easier management.



VidUnit is a group of incredibly brilliant individuals who collaborate with influencers, content producers, and media managers in the digital realm to provide companies and marketers with solutions to their problems. VidUnit assists companies in using the collective expertise of their team members to achieve goals, top lines, or bottom lines, depending on the situation. The team’s strength comes from working together to provide a one-of-a-kind solution for each business they serve

Common issues faced by the client

  • VidUnit aspired to create a platform that would bring together all of the brands, influencers, influencer agencies, publishers, and community managers under one roof to benefit from each other’s services.
  • It was extremely difficult for influencer managers/agencies to handle influencers traditionally.
  • VidUnit was looking for capabilities to allow influencer agencies to manage their influencers by category. The company also wanted to provide a place where all entities’ information could be maintained in one spot.
  • They wanted a dashboard that displayed the calendar and scheduling fixtures.
  • VidUnit sought a feature that would allow an influencer manager or agency to invite influencers and offer them tasks.
  • VidUnit desired a comprehensive solution that would allow influencers to negotiate deals with agencies and companies.
  • They also wanted a complete invoice and payments solution integrated into the website.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



As a partner, Magneto IT Solutions enabled them to build an online platform for influencer agencies, managers, and marketers to connect with influencers. Influencers can sign up for the platform and profit from its operations. Magneto aided users in having a rich UI/UX experience.



  • Influencers, agencies, brands and community managers can register themselves on the platform and utilize each other’s services through the platform.
  • The dashboard feature provided agencies and brands with access to the schedule and fixtures, allowing them to organize their campaigns better.
  • Influencer agencies and brands could invite influencers to the portal and allocate them tasks.
  • VidUnit assisted influencer agencies and brands in categorizing and managing influencers. They also could keep all of the entities’ information in one place.
  • On the VidUnit platform, influencers were able to negotiate deals with agencies and businesses.
  • Influencers’ lives were made easier by the invoicing and payment solution linked to the website, allowing them to generate invoices directly from the system.

Facts & Figures

VidUnit as a platform aided influencers and agencies/brands in communicating with one another more effectively, resulting in easier administration and the ability for influencers to profit financially from the platform.


Responsive layouts

VidUnit needed a mobile-friendly website, so we built one for them. We tested the web pages on various mobile devices to ensure that they function properly. Furthermore, the navigation and content categories were designed so that clients get a consistent experience.


Take Away

This case study shows how the solution provided by Magneto IT Solutions eased the efforts of influencers and agencies/brands, providing them with a user-friendly solution.

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