Ashrafs Case Study - Top Retailer and Wholesale Distributor in Bahrain


A substantial increase in the customer base and rise in revenue with the help of Online Sales was only possible for a renowned brand like Ashrafs because of the E-Commerce Development solutions provided by Magneto.


The ask

Ashrafs W.L.L was established in 1913 and is considered as one of the oldest and esteemed distributors and retailers of Bahrain of all time. They are having multiple outlets and malls across various cities in Bahrain, and were successful in building a strong client base across different gulf countries. Lot of international customers were reaching their sales team on the phone and placing the orders, even sometimes they need to visit their offices to check on the order. This becomes one of the reason ashrafs wanted to build eCommerce platform so that their customers can have the ease to do the ordering from their homes and offices. They wanted to automate the online process, where the consumers can go through their product categories and can make efficient purchase.

Common issues faced

  • The client had various loyalty and reward programs for their customer in their business. Enabling and centralizing the loyalty point history for the online and offline customer was one of the big challenges for online store.
  • Since Ashraf’s is a very renowned brand, building an ecosystem which can handle a lot of users request at the same event without affecting the user experience was tough.
  • There was also the requirement for a customized interface where customers can change their selections according to their desired needs which delivers personalized offers and deals to the users.
  • Ashraf was having centric storage for all orders, customer data and sales order for their all outlet. They wanted to integrate this system to their online store to maintain real-time stock and inventory updates and to avoid data manipulation and manual updates.
  • On conducting the research, Magneto realized 3 out of 5 customers in Bahrain make a purchase from the mobile application. Considering more than 100 brands, support, accessibility, adaptability was one of the challenges.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Reveue


The solution

Ashrafs, who are pioneers in selling wholesale and retail products in multiple industries for Kingdom of Bahrain. Magneto has developed a native mobile application and Ecommerce store for Ashrafs. Magneto helped client to develop a new online portal with highly user friendly UI design and vertical scrolling.

Facts & figures

Ashrafs have thrived due to its business agility and by staying ahead with advanced technology and trends. The brand has heavily invested in curated collection of electronics, homeware and FMCG products which draws the impressive customer base in the web store. Keeping in mind the customers as their greatest assets they have received appreciations and numerous awards and the store has now endured a special place in the hearts of the people.


Mobile application

A user-friendly app equipped with the latest features along with an amazing UI/UX design was created for Ashrafs. The simplicity in design of the app has made the consumer experience seamless as it is extremely convenient to place orders from the app.


Take Away

This case study demonstrates the cascading efforts that were put by Magneto IT Solutions and accompanied client about accelerating their online business and enabling high-performance solution with a proven and structured methodologies.

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