Leveraged Magento to develop the Badael website and eCommerce platform


Key Objective

Badael, a PIF company, aims to reduce smoking rates in Saudi Arabia by creating innovative nicotine pouches, promoting tobacco-free alternatives, and enhancing public health. They approached us to establish their eCommerce platform,, and corporate website to sell their products and encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Core Challenge

Corporate and eCommerce Website Development

To overcome sales limitations and increase brand awareness, Badael required a structured corporate and eCommerce platform to expand its market reach.

Lack of Technical Team

Badael faced challenges due to a lack of technical expertise and a dedicated team for payment, ERP, shipping management integration, and customer support.

Operational Challenge

Badael’s team handles operations with no dedicated inventory manager and fewer team members. The production unit sends package information to Naqel’s system and periodically retrieves stock information from their database, updating inventory status accordingly.

Specific PIF Guidelines

PIF has an internal audit team to ensure compliance with Saudi regulations for cyber security. Badael faced challenges as they needed to align with PIF guidelines, including using servers in Saudi Arabia and choosing vendors accordingly, such as Alibaba Cloud, to meet compliance requirements.

Limited Customer Reach

Badael was facing the issue of getting bulk orders from a single customer, which was preventing the Saudi Government from spreading social awareness effectively, as they aim to reach a maximum number of people with limited product availability.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



Order Management Automation

We developed a corporate and eCommerce platform for Badael, which included automating their order management system and integrating it with Naqel’s team and the Qoyod invoicing system. Their improvements have resulted in increased productivity and a better user experience. They added QR codes to invoices and implemented order status notifications, which has helped to make the process more efficient. We ensure that the eCommerce platform is running smoothly and without any issues, providing a seamless experience for consumers.

ERP and Third-party Integration

We showcased Badael’s proficiency in integrating multiple technical aspects, including payment processing, shipping, ERP systems (Zoho), and customer support (Raya). They collaborated with third-party vendors to ensure compliance with PIF regulations, emphasizing cyber security and cloud server collaboration to ensure operational efficiency and a seamless user experience for Badael.

Multiple Payment System Integration

As Badael’s requirements evolved, Magneto allocated more resources and added features like OTP verification and Zoho ticket support. They successfully integrated multiple platforms and facilitated the integration of Apple Pay and Zoho ERP for, further enhancing Badael’s capabilities.

Enforce Purchase Quantity Limit

Magneto enforces purchase limits to ensure more people can access and buy their products. Restricting customers to a maximum quantity per item within 24 hours helps Badael reach a more extensive customer base despite having limited product availability.


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