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Founded in 2009, Diamond Boutique is an online jewelry store that specializes in selling diamond jewelry. They source diamonds from all over the world to provide their customers with the most unique and rarest of gemstones. They pride themselves on the fact that they produce high-quality products and make them available at affordable prices. They provide Engagement rings, Gemstone rings, Wedding Bands, and other jewelry items. This case study explores how Magneto created a new and improved version of the client’s existing online jewelry store which eventually helped them get more traffic and revenue.

Common Issues Faced by the Client

  • The client’s website was not mobile responsive and that caused an issue for many of the customers as they preferred buying through their mobile devices.
  • The website contained several bugs which caused inconvenience to the customers in terms of their buying experience.
  • Navigation of the website was another issue, as the UI of the old store was outdated.
  • The older store lacked any trust-building factor through which the customers were assured of the quality of the products that they were buying.
  • Although the products were categorized, the lack of proper filters made it difficult to browse through the various options and select the desired products.


To allay the problems faced by the client, a new jewelry eCommerce store was developed that had an updated UI and added functionalities. The aim of this online jewelry store development process was to make navigation easy for the visitors and make it convenient for them to buy their desired items. This was done by understanding the customer journey and creating a new UI that facilitated easier buying for the customers.


  • With the new and improved UI, came easier navigation which allowed customers to find exactly what they were looking for.
  • New filters were added to the product page which enabled customers to put in specific queries and get the right product according to their needs.
  • With the addition of testimonials and product reviews, it became easier to build a reliability factor in the website.
  • With the improved checkout flow, customers could fill in their information easily and face no issues during the whole process.
  • Using a smart ERP system, inventory management was done in almost real-time and the order status was also maintained accordingly.

Facts and Figures

After the revamp, the client saw a considerable increase in their website traffic and customer retention. Because of the implementation of the new UI, the customers were able to find the desired products easily and that increased the overall satisfaction of the customer which in turn improved the reliability of the business.

Take Away

The improvements in Diamond Boutique’s online traffic is a demonstration of Magneto’s capability in jewelry website design & development. Hiring a proficient jewelry eCommerce development company actually helps you attract more prospects towards your business and improve the overall digital presence of your business.

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