Developed NEOM's custom ticketing portal by integrating Shopify with SAP


Key Objective

NEOM is one of the biggest saudi arabia Ambitious project the land of the future, with an ambition to redefine livability, business and conservation at it heart.

They gave us opportunity to combine different online ticketing booking systems into a single platform. To boost the user interface, customer experience, centralize database and improve the decision making process. The core goal of NEOM was to develop a unified ticketing system to streamline ticket purchasing and system integrations.

Core Challenge

Lack of Centralized System for all Events

The key problem in the NEOM project was the lack of a centralized system to manage varied events such as entertainment, health, retail, sports, and cultural activities, negatively impacting the customer experience.

Problem with Data Sync

NEOM was facing issues with managing and synchronizing all event data. One of the most difficult issues was syncing the order number with the payment ID, which resulted in errors and a numerical mismatch. This caused issues in tracking sales and matching invoice details.

Absence of Payment Simplification

The client used SAP as their internal ERP system to manage their overall accounting and payments. It was initiating challenges for them to manage the invoicing data sync properly. This lack of management eventually hampered the customer experience and initiated a major issue in payment process management.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



Custom Integration Solution

Magneto IT Solutions helped NEOM improve payment and order processing by connecting Shopify with their SAP system to meet specific needs. They did a custom integration by connecting Shopify with SAP to help NEOM’s data and payment management run smoothly.

Omnichannel Solutions

Magneto helped NEOM to centralize its different events in one place. They developed a ticketing system to manage multiple events in one place. It helps the end-user book the ticket or session with ease. Providing omnichannel support to customers helps them find what they need easily from one place at any time.

Data Synchronization with Third-party Support

We simplified the data synchronization process for NEOM by integrating Shopify and SAP. They used Amazon payment to guarantee the automatic matching of data entered into the eCommerce platform. It makes the order management process simple.

When a customer purchases or book tickets online, an order ID is produced, and Shopify obtains the payment ID from the SAP ERP system, which is then linked to Amazon Payment. The bank can utilize this payment ID to improve its administration. The Saudi National Bank can use this ID to access data through a third-party system for proper data management.


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