Developed online pet store and mobile app for Seamless omnichannel experience with Magento and Hyva


Key Objectives

Petzone is a renowned pet retail chain in Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, and UAE. They wanted to launch a new eCommerce store and mobile apps to improve their online presence and give customers an omnichannel experience.

Core challenges

Existing online store and mobile apps

Petzone had an online store and mobile app but encountered difficulties in their day-to-day operation on the website and mobile application, substantially impacting the customer experience and internal processes.

Inefficient Payment Gateway partner

Petzone did not have an appropriate payment gateway partner, and due to that, they face so many customer complaints daily.

Inappropriate Delivery Tracking Process

To offer a delightful customer experience, Petzone needs delivery tracking features to handle their order management or any issue with the shipping.

Complex Slot booking

Flexibility is critical in a retail business, and Petzone requested the integration of on-slot booking to offer consumer convenience. Petzone wants a way for customers to schedule pet grooming and birthday parties. They want them to be able to choose the date, time, and location for these activities.

Lack of customer analytics

To ensure the customer gets a personalized experience, Petzone marketing team is asking to integrate advanced customer analytics features. The team needed better customer insights to ensure a positive outcome. It also involves abundant cart issues and analyzing buyers’ behavior to serve them better.

Absence of a loyalty program

A loyalty program was the biggest need for Petzone marketing team. They wanted to introduce a customer loyalty program on their mobile application and website to ensure better customer retention.

Unstructured UI

The user interface is the key influence on the end-users. To ensure a positive outcome, Petzone is looking for an engaging UI process that is simple and user-friendly.

Necessity of a Unified Multi-store Website

Petzone has outlets in several countries, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain. They needed to establish a uniform website for these multiple stores, each with its own set of web pages, to ease store management.

Lack of Real-time Inventory Management

Petzone, being an eCommerce firm, requires real-time inventory management solutions to address out-of-stock or over-stock issues. They needed this ability for their team to track inventory smoothly and manage it well to give buyers a great experience.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



Seamless architecture of Website and Mobile Application

Petzone store is developed with Hyva frontend and Magento for backend development. We created easy-to-use Android and iOS apps with component-based architecture so the admin team can easily change the design structure of apps and add the component with a few clicks without coding requirements.

Integrate appropriate Payment Gateways

We helped them streamline the process by integrating Tabby, a payment gateway, into their mobile app and website. Tabby offers monthly installment payment options with no hidden fees or costs. We also integrated Apple Pay and debit/credit card options, giving end consumers more flexibility in payment.

Web and mobile-friendly slot booking

Magneto made a slot booking feature for Petzone’s website. Customers can choose the date, time, and grooming center for pet grooming appointments. They can also book centers for booking pet birthday parties. Magneto made these features available for their mobile application and website.

Systematic order tracking process

Petzone needed a systematic way to track their deliveries. We added features to its website to make ordering and delivery management easier by offering structured updates through push notifications.

Better Push Notification

Rich push notifications contain various components, including photos, GIFs, sounds, videos, in-message experiences, and text. This feature helps businesses stay in touch with customers. It reminds them about their shopping carts and shares deal information. It also takes other actions to ensure a successful outcome.

Development of Advance Customer Analytics

Magneto focused on improving Petzone’s personalized support by creating a customer analytics component. We accessed detailed client journey reports through Firebase, a third-party platform.
It involved studying how customers behave when they shop online, like what they buy and how they respond to promotions. By offering these analytics, we help Petzone understand its customers by discovering their problems when buying. It helps them to offer special services to meet the specific needs of the customers.

Better User interface

We helped Petzone create an engaging website by customizing the UI. They added advanced filtering and a product browsing system to allow users to access the product catalog easily.
To provide the best possible experience for Petzone consumers, we included personalized product categories, a wishlist choice, a loyalty program for reward points, and a simpler checkout process. Customers can also create accounts, make purchases, and get personalized product recommendations with the help of the customer analytics features.
Magneto developed a multi-store website for Petzone to cater to their requirements to manage all stores from a single backend.

Deep Linking support

We created deep link support to improve Petzone’s user experience and increase store sales. This tool helps Petzone customers easily go from Google or Facebook ads to the Petzone app or website. Customers who click Petzone product ads on Facebook will go to the app or website to easily buy it.

SAP integration for inventory automation

Magneto understands the importance of managing Petzone’s inventory. To fix the issue of petzone, Magneto Integrated with SAP and offered an easy solution for tracking inventory in real-time. This helped improve stock management and reduce the problem of over and out-of-stock.


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