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KGK Groups

Key Objective

KGK Group is one of the biggest jewelry manufacturers and retailers operating in the US, UAE, Hong Kong, India, and China. They specialize in diamond and gemstone sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution for both B2B and B2C customers. However, their current offline process was causing significant issues as most customers were B2B, and bespoke orders were majorly in bulk. They approached us to simplify the existing business process with digital solutions for enhanced productivity and better customer experience.

Key Challenges

Lack of suitable platform

Certain processes like exchanging quotes, receiving orders via emails, and manually correcting them, led to significant issues with internal management and customer experience. As a result, their sales productivity was also affected. In the long term, this negatively impacted their revenue.

Absence of Appropriate Design Interface

Their existing B2C basic webpage has various problems, such as inadequate navigation, a complex user interface, and an outdated design. They wanted to redesign their website to make it easier for customers to use. This will provide a better shopping experience for everyone.

Inappropriate product pricing & Quote

KGK, a B2B jewelry retailer, struggled to manage its product pricing. They needed to offer custom pricing based on each individual customer, but conducting the entire process manually was tedious and time-consuming. To streamline this process, they required an automated system to generate custom quotations for different products aligned with specific end-users.

Manual concept jewelry maker

KGK specializes in creating concept jewelry for both B2B and B2C customers. However, their manual process for managing bulk orders proves time-consuming, tedious, and prone to errors. Each cycle of emailing designs, gathering feedback, and redesigning hampers productivity. To streamline this workflow and ensure optimal results, the client sought an automated solution for concept jewelry creation.

Need solution for digital assets management

The client was struggling to handle a wide range of digital assets from various stakeholders. However, they faced problems managing this diverse data due to the absence of a suitable system. This was affecting the user experience and slowing down the overall process.

Outdated order management system

KGK was managing their entire order process manually, causing significant issues with productivity and sales. For their B2B clients, managing bulk orders was challenging for the sales teams, ultimately damaging revenue.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue

KGK Groups


Digital Asset library

we suggested a system that organizes and controls all digital assets from various places in one location. This solution ensures a streamlined process for the end-users, making managing and allocating assets easier.

Ring Builder

To streamline a lengthy manual process, we helped our client create a ring builder tool that enables their customers to design their own rings. This tool allows customers to choose the material, size, type, cut, and shape required to create a unique product, ultimately leading to an enhanced customer experience.

Digital Catalog

KGK serves both B2B and B2C clients who require specific dynamic product listings. However, specifically providing customized listings for B2B customers was a challenge due to manual processes. To simplify this, we developed a digital catalog with unique virtual URLs for each client.
Salespeople can easily create and share digital catalog links, highlighting products that meet individual requirements. This streamlined process benefits customers and the sales team, offering a centralized location for the in-person product design and details.

Designing versioning

The main goal was to simplify the KGK design division operations. This was done by creating a version that puts all design details in one place. This solution enhances the customer experience and encourages stakeholder collaboration and effective communication. The customers and sales team can access all the design versions and comments to remain on track.

ERP integration

We have connected the client’s previous ERP system with a custom one to ensure that orders are managed smoothly. This integration has enabled us to offer a more systematic and efficient order management process. As a result, we have improved our inventory management and order fulfillment processes, making it easier for our customers to place orders digitally.

Pre-designed templates

We have created a custom platform that offers a wide range of pre-designed templates accessible from anywhere around the globe to develop a user-friendly web store and ensure a better customer experience.

PDD Module

KGK deals with many jewelry designs; however, not all of them get accepted by the end-users. Due to a lack of documentation, many of these designs go to waste and are not tracked or managed. To simplify this process, we have developed a PDD module that allows the client to manage all their designs in one place.
The module keeps track of which designs have been accepted or rejected, along with the customer’s name and location. This helps the client share the same design with other customers, regardless of location. Additionally, the module helps sell out unused designs, contributing to the client’s productivity and revenue.

Automate Quotations management

KGK faced difficulties providing specific quotations to B2B and B2C customers using the manual email-based process. This process was time-consuming, unproductive, and caused delays. To resolve this, an automated quotation management system was developed. This system helps customers select elements, metals, colours, and stones for their desired products and receive approximate prices digitally. This new process is simple, easy, and faster for users and sales teams.

Mood-board design development

We have designed Mood-board for KGK to ensure the end-users are getting a better idea about the jewelry. It helps the client showcase their jewelry collection with better visual effects for their end-users.

Digital Order management

We help KGK provide an online system for B2B and B2C customers to manage their bulk orders efficiently. The system integrates inventory management and fulfillment with the client’s ERP system. It simplifies browsing and customer item selection, reducing manual work to improve order fulfillment.

Cloud-based hybrid architecture

The client was facing major issues with their data management, so we developed a cloud-based hybrid architecture to ensure easy data access from any location and better management for the entire business process without a glitch.

Customer dashboard

KGK struggled to keep track of customer orders because they had a high volume of customers. This was particularly challenging in B2B transactions with large orders. Managing all these order details manually took a lot of time and often led to errors, causing confusion and delays. To resolve these issues, we have created a customer dashboard that provides sales personnel with all the customer insights they need.
This dashboard includes details such as order status, shipping information, manufacturing status, payment details and more. The dashboard makes it easier for sales teams to communicate with customers, saving time and improving the customer experience.

KGK Groups
KGK Groups

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