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As your trusted Odoo partner, we work with you to ensure you get a comprehensive solution for running your business effectively. We help in every area of your business by providing solutions for ERP, e-commerce, CRM, POS inventory management and lots more to ensure better client loyalty and operational efficiency,

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Magneto IT Solutions and Odoo have formed a powerful partnership to deliver customised solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. With our extensive experience in integrating ERP and CRM systems, we are equipped to handle inventory management, POS system setup, data transfer, and website development to meet your specific business needs.

Streamline Your Business Processes With Advanced Odoo Solutions

Boost Your Business & Digital Store Efficiency With Tailored Odoo Development Solutions

Customization Services
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    Odoo Consultation

    We are here to simplify your business with our Odoo consulting services. We'll analyse your unique needs, painpoints and will recommend the best Odoo module development options. We will help you to set up a suitable ERP solutions to boost your business performance.

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    Odoo Customization Services

    We customise Odoo ERP solutions to seamlessly integrate with your business processes and requirements, conducting thorough analyses to enhance system functionality.

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    Odoo Migration Services

    Our team of professionals is adept at facilitating a seamless transition to Odoo. We'll match your existing functionalities, transfer data precisely, and carry out exhaustive testing to ensure optimal performance.

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    Odoo Implementation Services

    We make it easier to set up your business by using Odoo. To ensure your business succeeds, we provide services like setup, data migration, in-depth analysis, custom solutions, and training.

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    Odoo Integration services

    We connect Odoo with other apps to make communication better, simplify workflows, and bring all data together.

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    Odoo Web Development Services

    Boost your eCommerce business with our customised Odoo website development services. We specialise in improving user experience, site performance, and scalability.

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    Odoo Custom App/Module Development

    We improve your online store software with personalised Odoo apps and tools to make work more efficient and productive.

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    Odoo Theme Development

    We can help you create user-friendly websites that are responsive. Our expertise is customising pre-built templates to improve customer engagement and reach.

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    Odoo Offshore Development

    Odoo provides offshore development services with skilled teams in different time zones. Outsource your projects to qualified teams for exceptional results.

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    Odoo ERP Development

    Improve your business with Odoo ERP development services. These services optimise desktop and web operations for smooth performance, strong security, and reliable hosting. Benefit from efficient, secure, and always available web and desktop solutions.

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    Odoo POS Development Services

    Enhance retail productivity with Odoo's ERP-linked POS systems. Simplify inventory management and monitor sales in real-time for better retail functioning.

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    Odoo Headless Development Services

    We specialise in Odoo headless solutions that separate eCommerce websites' front and back ends. This helps improve user experience and increase sales. By using this approach, we can boost conversion rates and ensure smooth backend operations, creating a seamless and efficient system.

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    Odoo Training

    Our experts offer personalised Odoo training that is customised to meet each client's unique needs. This approach helps clients better understand and make the most of the platform's features.

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    Odoo Support and Maintenance

    Rely on our support and maintenance services to keep your Odoo system running well. We quickly fix problems and update the system to meet your changing needs, ensuring it works at its best.

Get The Most Out of Odoo's AI-powered Solutions By Maximising Your Integrations

AI-driven Odoo

Predictive inventory optimisation

AI-driven Odoo

AI-driven dynamic pricing

AI-driven Odoo

Generative AI integration with Odoo

AI-driven Odoo

AI-powered chatbots for customer support

AI-driven Odoo

Automated expense and invoice management

AI-driven Odoo

Intelligent document organisation

Why Is Odoo Development Services the Perfect Option For You?

Odoo Development Services

Open Source ERP Solution

Use Odoo's open-source ERP system for a cost-effective, scalable, and customizable solution that fits your business needs perfectly.

Manage Multiple Stores Efficiently

Easily manage multiple stores in one place, making operations smoother and allowing for easy growth.

Analytical tool Integration

Use Odoo's built-in analytical tools to get instant insights, better reports, and make decisions based on data.

Support for Enterprise and Community Versions

Get full support for Odoo's Enterprise and Community versions, tailored to match your business goals and budget.

Global Accounting Practices and Reconciliation

Improve financial operations with our Odoo Development Services for accurate reporting and streamlined reconciliation processes.

Seamless Integration with Existing Business Systems

Connect Odoo to your existing systems for better data accuracy, productivity, and teamwork with our Odoo ERP Integration Services.

Odoo B2B Solutions are for all industries

Odoo Development Services

Manufacturing & Distribution

Odoo Development Services


Odoo Development Services

Medical Supplies

Odoo Development Services


Odoo Development Services


Odoo Development Services

Industrial Products

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Hire certified Odoo developers

Opt for our certified Odoo solution developers for innovative, reliable, and scalable solutions delivered on time.

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Get an attractive pricing model

Get cost-effective Odoo development services with clear pricing and flexible structures tailored to your needs.

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Hire certified Odoo consultants

Get personalised guidance and unique business solutions tailored to your needs from our team of Odoo experts.

Explore Our Expertise in Odoo Solutions

Case study

Edibee Increased Their Productivity in Grocery Warehouse Management and Order Fulfilment by Optimising Odoo

Edibee used Odoo's ERP and POS systems to run their grocery business smoothly. This helped them fulfill orders faster and manage their warehouse better, leading to more loyal customers.

Case study

MedQuest and Odoo Work Together To Ensure Smooth Case Management and Billing

MedQuest uses Odoo for easier case management and billing, making the platform more credible and attracting 45% new customers each quarter.

Case study

Romanoff Improved Global Equipment Supply By Integrating Odoo and Magento to Facilitate Efficient Orders

Romanoff combined Odoo and Magento to enhance their worldwide equipment supply process. This integration also helped streamline their order management system. As a result, users now have a more efficient and improved experience.


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Petzone, Group Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

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Badkamermeudel Outlet, Owner

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Marketing Manager at Diamond Boutique

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Owner at VP Wedding Planner

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President of Diyi Technology

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Shoptroniks, LLC

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Marketing Analyst at Glazers Wholesale Distributors

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Frequently asked questions

Why Odoo is The Best Solution For Your Business?

Odoo provides an affordable and adaptable online business system. This system can be tailored to meet your customers' needs. It can also assist in the success of your business.

How Do Odoo ERP Services Stand Out From Other ERPs?

Odoo ERP is unique because it is open-source, has a modular structure, and is very flexible. It provides businesses with a complete set of custom applications.

Can We Get Custom Odoo Development Solutions?

We provide tailored Odoo eCommerce development services that integrate smoothly with your business workflows and perfectly match your needs.

Can Odoo Integrate With The Existing Business Systems?

Our developers are great at connecting Odoo with other systems for smooth collaboration and data sharing in your tech setup.

Why Are We Your Perfect Odoo Partners?

Our team of certified developers are experts in custom Odoo ERP development services. We provide high-quality solutions to help businesses grow and scale.

What Will Be The Odoo Services Development Cost?

The cost of Odoo service development is based on the diverse project needs, complexity, functional requirements, and customisation needs. Contact our team for a personalised cost estimate.


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