95 Nutrition - Nutrition Products Case Study

95 Nutrition

With the use of improved and updated version e-Commerce outlets, 95 Nutrition simplified its operations and optimized the supply chain for better service.

95 Nutrition

The ask

95 Nutrition was founded with the idea of long-term dieting. 95 Nutrition creates restaurant-quality dishes that are delicious and filling while also promoting weight loss. A sustainable dieting programme allows customers to enjoy their favorite foods healthily. In the United States, 95 Nutrition operates at many different locations.

Common issues faced

  • The E-Commerce store needs to have an excellent user interface and deliver a great user experience to enjoy their journey on the platform.
  • The food menu changes weekly; managing the menus on the ecommerce website was difficult because they needed to be changed frequently. To prevent manual involvement, the menu should be automated.
  • The client wanted to enable his customers to modify their meals according to their preferences before checking out.
  • The client desired to give discounted purchases based on the amount ordered in bulk.
  • Several delivery options had to be included on the website, including in-store pickup, FedEx delivery, and standard delivery.
  • We need to develop the delivery logic and integrate it with the E-Commerce shop for the client’s unique delivery solution.
  • The customer requested a gift card functionality that could be used at physical and online stores.
  • The client had only one warehouse and multiple stores, so the client wished to make all the complex order management simple with the help of an E-Commerce platform.
  • The client requires that the payment be made on their page rather than being redirected to the payment gateway page.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue

95 Nutrition


We completely comprehended the client’s needs and learned the customisation required in the solution. We created the solution to meet the customer’s needs and outlined all of the solution’s logic. 95 Nutrition was pleased with the digital transformation provided by Magneto IT Solutions.

Facts & figures

It was simple to organize transportation between the warehouse and stores thanks to the simplified delivery solution connection with the e-commerce business, ultimately leading to customer service satisfaction.

95 Nutrition
95 Nutrition

Responsive Layout

For 95 Nutrition, Magneto IT Solutions created a user-friendly mobile application. We double-checked that the apps ran well and included all current features. Customers enjoyed shopping on the app because it was easy to place orders thanks to the seamless navigation and superb UI/UX.

95 Nutrition

Take Away

A well-suited eCommerce store building platform can assist a company in simplifying and streamlining the process. Magneto It Solutions improved the store’s UI/UX design. It also enabled the client to establish contacts with many customers via online e-commerce businesses.

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