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Magneto IT Solutions offer progressive digital asset management platforms in Canada for seamless digital assets management irrespective of their scale. It effortlessly manages media sharing on numerous platforms to boost buyer experience.

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Our unique digital asset management platform can help firms to flourish by growing their digital assets' prospects while guaranteeing higher security.

Workflow management

We are a digital asset management company that makes sure productive business outcomes. We handle an outstanding workflow engine to foster digital asset management, nourishing adjustable workflows, communication, and alerts to sweeten editorial and business functions.

File management

We are proficient in an AI-based DAM platform, securing seamless management, allocation, and administration of myriad digital assets. Our elements enclose face identification, VR 360° photos, hotspots, versioning, scheduling, and efficient image editing for effortlessly operating an immense amount of data.

Image & video conversion

We suggest digital asset management (DAM) tools that help businesses create and handle file shoots in different dimensions, designs, and resolutions effortlessly. Our tools also optimize images for websites and platforms, sweeten page speed through resizing and content optimization, and feed practical insights through data optimization and analytics.

Metadata management

Our proficient developers are experienced in handling files with metadata and tags for securing searchable and relevant media collections. Our contemporary solutions promote DAM to assure brand consistency in digital asset management.

Digital asset delivery

DAM is a compact content hub, fostering sales and marketing teams with suitable access to critical media file brochures, product images, photos, flyers, etc., for streamlined and efficient asset management.

Asset experience portal

Utilize Pimcore's reliable data platform to design a personalized user interface incorporating your branding elements, such as logos, colours, and fonts. Collaborate effectively with internal and external teams, easily sharing media assets using our advanced open-source digital asset management system.

Direct edit in Pimcore

Our DAM software seamlessly integrates with local file systems, enabling easy media file editing in preferred apps. Desktop programs facilitate direct editing within the DAM system, ensuring effortless asset access, modification, and storage.

200+ file types supported

Our award-winning DAM platform has 200+ media file formats, promoting seamless conversion, previewing, and publishing of photos, videos, documents, and more. Experience multichannel publication, mobile responsiveness, and print-ready files with CMYK support.

Microsoft/Adobe integration

With our DAM services, enjoy desktop-only access to recently updated media files for seamless collaboration in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. Integration with preferred programs ensures an efficient workflow without platform switching.

Enterprise print publishing

Our print publishing platforms for businesses combine digital asset and product information management to automate printing and create marketing materials with current product information for all channels.


Digital solutions using DAM

Qualify for effortless multichannel commerce to provoke entertaining product experiences and delightful client relations.


B2B portal Development

Magneto is experienced in high-tech B2B portals that promote seamless communication with external partners. We use Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to create outlets for diverse parties, such as retailers, suppliers, and distributors, to facilitate conveying media files with exterior stakeholders for businesses.

B2B eCommerce Solutions

We are a professional team for designing digital solutions using digital asset management tools for patrons. Our services for consumers contain websites, marketplaces, and eCommerce platforms, all of which use DAM to share media files on different consumer platforms.

Social media

Our DAM solutions facilitate brands to enrich their online sight by forming and allocating media assets associated with diverse social media platforms.

Marketplace development

Our solutions for handling digital assets facilitate organizing and distributing media assets to assorted channels, such as popular online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay.

Web development solutions

Sweeten customer satisfaction by creating stunning websites by merging digital asset management to glorify your online visibility and deliver visually appealing content to your selected audience.

Catalog management solutions

Digital asset management development is an outstanding tool for companies to handle and revamp their sales and marketing catalogues appropriately, no matter it’s a printed or published form. Our platform furnishes explicitly the capability to publish and revise printed materials through digital asset management.

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Benefits of digital asset management


Increased brand resonance

Digital asset management enriches media files by providing consistency and lowering errors, eventually producing a suitable brand experience.


Transparent asset management

Digital asset management enables brand control, updating libraries, adding files, and removing unnecessary ones for effective asset management.


Seamless Integration

100% API-driven interface fosters seamless integration, eliminates data silos, and enhances overall efficiency in Digital Asset Management.


Excellent client experience

A digital asset management solution furnishes an appropriate experience to its clients on diverse platforms by sharing high-quality content on multiple channels.


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Frequently asked questions

What is digital asset management?

Digital Asset Management system effortlessly runs media files for any business. It nourishes a systematic platform for conducting business operations.

Who needs digital asset management?

Digital asset management software merges all the assets of diverse groups of people to facilitate the function. It sweetens workflow efficiency and fosters seamless collaboration by eliminating organizational barriers.

Why do you need to make digital asset management investments?

Address your digital asset challenges effortlessly with a DAM solution. From asset discovery and understanding to efficient management across systems and resource-sensitive sharing, Digital Asset Management quickly resolves all complexities.

How to make the right decision about digital asset management?

Digital Asset Management is an effective tool for growing online businesses, cultivating personalized and interactive client experiences. It sustains eCommerce and web content management to pick a platform estimating your unique requirements for better results.

Does Magneto Provide DAM solutions?

Yes, our digital asset management agency is specialized in providing expert DAM Solutions in Canada. To understand our expertise get in touch with our Digital asset management consultants.

Recognition from the top leading analytics agencies

Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.

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