Louped - Online Diamond and Jewelry Case Study


Louped, formerly known as "I Do Now I Don't," is a top-tier online diamond and jewelry marketplace in NYC. They offer sustainable diamonds and engagement rings, free from retail markups and environmental burdens.


Key Objective

Louped collaborated with Magneto IT Solutions to revamp their domain name, streamline business processes, and preserve their SEO rankings, to ensure website traffic.

Key Challenge

Data Migration

The core issue in data migration was the need for proper tools for handling customizations, new modules, and custom PHP scripts. Manual identification and entry of more than 400 GB of image data further complicated the process.

Lack of Advanced Integration

The integration process presented challenges such as the absence of a suitable order processing method, manual migration of 25% of data, analysis of manual scripts, and integration of external systems, impacting productivity.

Decline in Consumer Trust

After transitioning its domain name from “I do Now I don’t” to “Louped,” the company experienced issues with consumer trust. The domain change experienced a drop in traffic, and there was a risk of losing most of the customers due to the trust factor in the new domain.

Poor User Experience

Managing a multi-vendor process proved challenging for both parties. Difficulties included product uploading, carrying forward in the loop, and the inability to hide or click links, adversely affecting the user experience and multi-vendor store management.

Inadequate Website Development Platform

They encountered challenges with the Drupal platform, including needing more maintenance and upgrades. Additionally, they sought to change their name but faced difficulties due to the absence of previous maintenance and upgrade practices.

Lack of UI/UX Upgrades

Their UI/UX design needed an eCommerce feel and could have effectively communicated the message of an online shopping experience.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



Integration of Salesforce and Magento

Magneto IT Solutions successfully addressed Louped’s challenges by developing a customized solution that integrated Salesforce and Magento. It streamlined the transfer of orders and website data, simplified image sorting and mapping, and allowed seamless integration with external systems for efficient order processing.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Magneto IT Solutions continuously enhanced platform engagement and user satisfaction by incorporating seller input, customer feedback, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Implementing various tactics, such as personalized emails, popup guidance, customized notifications, and credibility-building measures, boosted sales post-domain change.

Modernized UI/UX

Magneto’s involvement also resulted in a modernized UI/UX, improving the eCommerce platform’s overall user experience and visual appeal.


Key Take Away

The case study illustrates how Magneto IT Solutions collaborated with Louped to enhance its website by transitioning to the Magento framework. The goal was to enhance the visual appeal, increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, drive more traffic, and streamline business operations.

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