Living It Up - Online Furniture Case Study

Living It Up

Re-platformed Home furniture e-store in Headless and Magento for a faster and more seamless browsing experience

Living It Up

Key Objective

Living it Up is a popular online home furniture retailer in the UK. They asked us for help to improve their online store’s performance. The core goal was to re-platform customer experience through web navigation, speed up page loading, optimize the user interface, and provide a seamless browsing experience for their customers.

Key challenges

Absence of standard coding

The client tech team was struggling with complicated coding, which caused issues with the website and backend systems. These problems impacted the operations of the web store.

Slow-loading webpage

The client faced issues with a slow-loading webpage, creating hurdles for their customer engagements.

Poor web design

The client was experiencing difficulties with their UI interface, which is crucial for maintaining the brand’s reputation. They were struggling to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website to attract and engage customers.

Lack of suitable web page navigation

Customers faced obstacles while placing orders due to website issues. The website is hard to navigate and the purchasing process is complicated. This causes the issue of abandoned carts, leading to a loss in revenue.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue

Living It Up


Simplified UI design

We implemented headless commerce to fix the issue of the client. This helps us to add ReactJS in the front end and Magento in the back end. With this implementation, we helped the client to improve their UI process by offering flexibility and custom solutions, eventually increasing customer engagement.

Better website navigation process

Living It Up was struggling to improve the website navigation process, which was not appropriate and needed a retouch. We helped them make a website that is easy to navigate. This way, customers can quickly find the products they want, eventually helping to increase the sales and conversion rate.

Simplified coding implementation

We simplified the coding for the webpage to ensure a better user experience. This helps to improve the overall performance, website loading speed, and customer engagement, resulting in better sales generation.
Multiple website implementation
We help clients manage multiple sites using a single backend in Magento which reduces their day-to-day operations time and cost.

Third-party payment gateway

Their goal was to give better payment options to customers. We added a third-party payment system to help achieve this goal. We use the DivideByZero (DBZ) gateway to improve the payment process and deliver a seamless experience to the end users.

Flow box integration

The customer was facing issues with increasing customer traffic, visibility and conversion rate. To fix this issue, we have integrated Flow Box to ensure they have improved SEO results. It helps us to generate better customer journeys by using a UGC platform interaction approach.

Living It Up
Living It Up

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