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Boost sales with our tailored product information management system. Centralise data for accuracy and reliability, enhancing sales speed and efficiency for the United Kingdom market.

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Centralise Data, Accelerate Sales with Our PIM Platform

We specialise in devising and enforcing PIM for eCommerce systems that provide constant product affairs by centrally storing, handling, and sweetening data.

Product data modelling

Magneto IT Solutions is proficient in handling product data models, combining crucial details, attributes, and associations. Integrating MDM with PIM help to effortlessly handle multi-domain data and make sure comprehensive product availability across its life cycle.

Product data management

Experience the web-based PIM solution with a context-sensitive drag-and-drop interface, revolutionising product information management. Custom PIM enables improved data governance, business analytics, seamless data organisation, and streamlined operations for elevated brand performance.

Product data quality

Adopt our exhaustive product information system, furnishing faithful, detailed, and superior data. PIM platforms with data quality management secure compliance, efficiency, and new business potentials. Benefit from a dedicated, organised platform with enriched business intelligence and analytics via intelligent data optimisation.

Workflow management

Enhance precision and productivity with our standardised editorial workflows. Advanced integration ensures accuracy and efficiency. Customise, monitor, and modify workflows with open-source workflow management. Trust our PIM solution for reliable data, powerful governance, and automated business procedures.

Omnichannel publishing

Optimise product content distribution with Magneto IT Solutions' PIM software. Improve customer experience and streamline data across departments. Embrace omnichannel publishing for commerce success in the United Kingdom.

Apps & data integration

We specialise in designing product information management platforms that simplify importing and exporting product data. Our reliable PIM system can efficiently work with your current corporate systems and third-party applications. We let you quickly access the most recent product information to enrich your brand's capacity to search and recover data.

Product experience portal

Enrich your product experiences with our consumer-oriented PIM solutions. Our platform offers factual and recent information, sweetening your company's search, analysis, and sharing abilities. It facilitates simple collaboration between departments with customisable gateways and portals for internal and external users.

Product data syndication

Our progressive solutions help brands to share exact product information across different customer touchpoints effectively. Automatic data syndication enables product data to be easily shared across various marketing and sales channels. Our proficiency in product data syndication helps us to adopt the strategies for product data distribution successfully.

Marketplace integration

Increase sales and revenue using our PIM solution to connect with top online marketplaces. Streamline order tracking with a central dashboard. Grow your business globally by creating a potent sight on different popular marketplaces to boost visibility and sales.

Product feed management

Elevate product experiences using top-notch PIM feeds. Tailor feeds for platforms and target audiences. Build a distinctive brand identity, boost influence, and foster loyalty with personalised client feeds across channels.

Enterprise translation management

Our product information management platform offers enterprise translation management, which allows brands to optimise their resources, grow collaboration, have more control, and promote transparency in the translation process. It reduces manual translation and has a real-time connection to translation management systems.

Microsoft/Adobe integration

Our Microsoft/Adobe connectivity allows easy access to product information and assets. You can easily retrieve product photos and videos from your Adobe or Microsoft apps. Combining Microsoft Office and Adobe Cloud helps facilitate your workflow and grow productivity. Our comprehensive Microsoft/Adobe connection simplifies product management systems.

Enterprise print publishing

Experience our refined PIM system with web-to-print technology, facilitating print publishing. Integrated components keep sales and marketing materials up-to-date. Create custom print-ready marketing materials effortlessly. Streamline print publishing through omnichannel databases for efficient and effective marketing.


Power up your business with PIM Tool

Drive success with progressive PIM tools for compelling omnichannel experiences to promote a delightful buyer journey.

B2B portal development

Our PIM tools can sweeten B2C platforms, enrich customer experiences and boost revenue by enforcing engaging digital solutions, eCommerce, websites, and marketplaces.

B2B eCommerce solutions

We furnish refined B2B solutions that give brands more control and power. Our software helps facilitate distributor, dealer, and supplier portals. Merging product information lets everyone access the most revised data for a more pleasing association.

Sales portals

Boost sales crew performance with our powerful PIM platform, delivering accurate, up-to-date product info to B2B and B2C customers. Promote interactions and enrich brand credibility with easy access to the latest product data.

Marketplace development

Cost-effective PIM solutions from Magneto IT Solutions empower startups to efficiently manage product data and share rich information across Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba, achieving enhanced digital presence and broader audience reach despite financial limitations.

B2C eCommerce solutions

Efficiently manage product data, attributes, and SKUs with PIM integration in our digital commerce solutions. Reliable and feature-rich eCommerce platforms empower businesses to succeed.

Catalog management systems

Seamlessly control printed and digital catalogues with our PIM-powered systems. Effortlessly add, modify, and update product info for current catalogues. Swiftly produce sales and marketing materials using our advanced PIM software. Experience Comprehensive Product Information Management Services in Saudi Arabia


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Benefits of product information management Software


Improved customer engagement

Sweeten client satisfaction by furnishing timely and suitable product knowledge, enriching the overall experience of your UK customers.


Enhanced efficieny

Bring together product data and assets in one centralised location to facilitate international growth and lessen time-to-market, sweetening efficacy, and productivity.


Create a great impression

Build trust and lower returns by offering customers precise product information on diverse platforms.


Exceptional customer experience

Gain trust and lower product returns by furnishing customers wide and enriched product content across diverse channels.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Product Information Management?

Product information management company optimises product content, data, and materials for marketing and sales. Ensure high-quality, organised data for internal use and multichannel distribution.

Why does your business need PIM?

Product information management tools are proficient in performing changes in bulk, handling and managing different content, syndicating information, managing workflows, addressing user accounts, and organising digital assets.

What will be the Product Information Management solution development cost?

When forming product information management solutions, costs may be linked with implementing and customising the solution, which can vary depending on the project. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about your product's pricing.

What will be the deadline for completing the product information management system?

PIM implementation depends on attribute complexity and quantity. Custom features can extend the development time, but our PIM specialists streamline the process, making it easier and faster.

Recognition from the top leading analytics agencies

Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.

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