B2B eCommerce solutions for Distributors and Wholesalers

With the help of our headless B2B ecommerce software solutions, increase sales revenue, penetrate new markets, attract new clients, and enhance internal productivity.


Laying the technical foundation for B2B business success

We serve every firm that wants to transform its B2B eCommerce business by leveraging our knowledge in eCommerce. We provide specialised B2B solutions for wholesalers and distributors that enable them to implement best customer service experience standards, boost their revenues, and cut expenses across the spectrum. Utilizing all of our expertise in the eCommerce sector, Magneto IT Solutions assists B2B companies in providing more efficient and profitable customer service.

As a leading B2B eCommerce solutions provider for distributors and wholesalers, Magneto IT Solutions assists you in digitizing your conventional methods of customer interaction so that you can obtain significant competitive advantages in the near future.


Why Do Manufacturers and Distributors Need B2B eCommerce Digitization?

B2B eCommerce headless solutions enable you to become more productive, grab customer attention, improve order accuracy, open up new markets and revenue streams, and position yourselves for the future.

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    Boost Sales

    Digitize your company by converting your website into a transactional B2B online store to gain an edge over your rivals and make it possible for customers to buy the products they require. We can develop a platform that can handle both traditional and headless eCommerce, so your website will look exactly how you want it to. Give your sales team the necessary tools to close deals by enabling them to take care of:

    Promotions Management

    Tax Management

    Quotes & Orders

    Customer Relationship Management

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    Business Automation

    Our adaptable B2B eCommerce platform for distributors enables you to sync accounting/invoice payments, punchout catalogues, and ordering procedures. You can connect with any eProcurement platform, including SAP Ariba, Oracle PeopleSoft, etc., using the strong API, which supports all EDI and punchout functions.

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    Enhance Customer Experience

    No matter how complicated your orders get or how demanding your B2B customers are, our B2B solutions provide efficient, frictionless, and tailored ordering process. The platform we create will offer a wide range of buyer self-service options, including:

    Multiple Shopping Lists

    Mulitple Price Lists

    Multiple webstore management

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    Customer-level pricing

    Distributors and wholesalers have several things to think about and plan for when it comes to pricing. When you have to customise pricing at the level of the customer, the pricing models might become complicated. Distributors and wholesalers need an ecommerce solution that supports their digital commerce strategy since some products will only be offered in specific areas or to specific clients, and shipping rates and options will vary dependent on location. Based on their contract or purchase history, the appropriate B2B eCommerce solution should enable you to update and adapt prices down to the consumer level.

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    Strengthen Mobile Capabilities

    Today, 70% of B2B search queries come from mobile devices. Our B2B eCommerce solution is created with fully responsive themes, making the application usable on any mobile, desktop, or tablet device. The technology also allows for mobile application ordering, providing your consumers the freedom to make purchases however they like.

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    Improve your CRM

    We work with you to create a comprehensive CRM solution that enables you to track client interactions, handle support requests, and master account management. Having a single 360-degree view of your marketing, sales, and customer support data further aids in helping you forge enduring relationships with your clients.

List of powerful features that our B2B eCommerce solutions will give you

Our highly skilled e-commerce developers work with you to create unique B2B eCommerce solutions that include pre-built B2B features like managing corporate accounts, displaying buyer-specific catalogues, displaying special price books, supporting configure-price-quote (CPQ) procedures, creating custom workflows, and more.

Catalog Management

Manage and customise your product catalogs for particular businesses, departments, or even individual customers.

Account management

Administer corporate accounts across B2B enterprises, including various divisions, business units, and locations.

Access controls, roles & permissions

Define roles, give permissions and access to your employees, sellers and buyers according to your policies and organizational structure.

Multiple shopping & pricing lists

Generate and manage several pricing lists for particular corporate accounts, business units, or individual buyers while simultaneously enabling customers to create and save multiple shopping lists for a speedy future purchasing procedure.

Multiple webstore management

Control several web stores across different countries, currencies and tax regulations from a single central admin console.

Advanced segmentation capabilities

Generate custom reports & leverage superior segmentation abilities to monitor business KPIs and customer buying patterns.

Custom workflows

For increased flexibility in business operations, you can create an unlimited number of custom workflows to serve both buyer- and merchant-related tasks.

Content management systems

Create native CMS features to manage product information pages and digital assets with ease so that your customers have the knowledge they need to make a purchase.

Inventory management

Keep track of the availability of products in one or more warehouses, show buyers and sales representatives the inventory, and automatically update the inventory each time an order is placed.

Quotes & orders management

Allow customers to make orders, negotiate over prices, and get estimates via the website. At the same time, give your salesforce the ability to submit online buy orders and answer to RFQs.

Promotions & tax management

To attract new clients, set up incentives like order discounts, line item discounts, and free-shipping deals. Establish tax regulations for various jurisdictions based on the client, customer group, product, or product category.

SEO management

Define SEO-related information for your website, such as URL slugs, meta-titles, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Do distributors require eCommerce?

Typically, a distributor acts as a go-between for a manufacturer and a customer. The majority of distributors enter into agreements with manufacturers that give them the right to represent the company in particular regions. The majority of B2B distributors sell simultaneously to retailers, wholesalers, retail partners, and other companies. Like independent consumers, their B2B clients want to shop around, place orders, and receive quick deliveries. B2B eCommerce can therefore aid distributors in increasing sales, average order values, and repeat business.

Why are wholesalers and distributors hesitant to use eCommerce?

Distributors also question whether investing in digital transformation would be profitable since they believe their products are not designed for eCommerce. But the challenging year 2020 has demonstrated to us that going online may be the only option to stay profitable. Our B2B solutions will make it easier to enhance staff productivity and meet customer expectations.

What features should distributors and wholesalers seek for in an eCommerce platform?

Business buyers want a diverse variety, ease of use, customization, and a pleasant shopping experience. A comprehensive B2B platform that supports account management, permission management, custom price creation, a variety of payment methods, and shipping choices is great for distributors. It should also support many organisations, languages, regions, and currencies, among other things. The B2B system should be able to launch new items, catalogues, and online stores, as well as quickly expand to new industry verticals and connect with fresh clients in other regions

How do you build an ecommerce site for a distributor or wholesaler?

A multi-step, intricate procedure goes into selling into a business. You must take into account consumer expectations, important B2B sales functionalities, and your organization's priorities while selecting the best platform for a distributor or wholesaler e-commerce website.

What key integrations do distributors and wholesalers need in ecommerce?

Distributors will need to link with Enterprise Resource Planning & Back Office systems, Point of Sale (POS) software, and various B2B payment solutions in order to succeed with their B2B ecommerce strategy


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