Stay in Bed

Online furniture store launch from scratch in just four weeks with Shopify expertise

Stay in Bed

Key Approch

Stay in Bed has collaborated with Magento IT Solution to develop its eCommerce presence from scratch. Magneto chose the Shopify platform to develop an eCommerce store for them by considering their unique challenges and requirements.


Inappropriate online presence

This UK-based client was struggling to open an online store. Due to the lack of expert solutions, they faced issues developing their eCommerce store from scratch. Earlier, they were using Magento, but due to critical issues, they faced challenges connecting with the right customer to showcase their products.

The issue with abandoned cart

Another major issue faced by Stay in Bed was the problem with abandoned cart management. Due to the lack of integration support, the client faced a major issue of cart abandonment. Customers were unable to place orders owing to several difficulties with the website. Since the current website’s navigation and purchasing procedure were inadequate, a high cart abandonment rate resulted in business loss.

Poor User Interface

The user interface of the website was not appropriate. It was eventually damaging the customer experience. The website demanded an impressive UI and interactive homepage to preserve the brand’s standing and establish customer relationships.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue

Stay in Bed


Replatforming with ease

The core issue of Stay in Bed was to develop their eCommerce store. Magento IT Solutions has simplified the Magento and Shopify replatforming. To ensure better performance, they selected Shopify as the eCommerce partner for Stay in Bed. This helps to develop a successful, highly performing eCommerce website that drives results.

Smart Integration Options

Magneto has come up with some excellent integration options for Stay in Bed. These options have been developed to simplify the client’s business process. It’s associated with Easy integration with POS, email notifications, ERP, CRM, etc. This results in a reduced abandoned cart, a better user experience, and a simplified customer shopping journey.

Better Navigation

Using Shopify has drastically improved the website navigation process for the client. This is associated with simply navigating the product catalogue, checkout, and payment process to ensure a better user experience. This process is also associated with a systematic and user-friendly buying process.

Stay in Bed
Stay in Bed

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