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We listen to you

We spoke with over 100 grocery retailers, store owners, and experts to better understand their challenges while running grocery stores.

Own your solutions

We choose source code solutions over SaaS to provide full ownership of your grocery store. This allows you to customize your store without the hassle of ongoing fees or hidden costs.

Customize your store

Break free from the constraints of a conventional grocery store layout. Our solutions give you full access to digital tools, enabling effortless customization and seamless integration to meet your unique business needs.

We are here to help you with your complete grocery store journey so you can focus on what matters the most!


Use of Geofencing

Your Challenges

Many grocery store owners struggle to reach local customers without geofencing technology, as they lack personalized marketing and miss opportunities to attract them.

Our Solutions

  • We use Geofencing solutions to enhance customer engagement through location-based technology.
  • Personalize product displays based on customer location and preferences.
  • Send targeted notifications with specific and helpful information to shoppers according to their location.
  • Receive real-time updates from mobile app users.
  • Use geofencing to interact with customers, increase foot traffic, and cultivate loyalty.

Reliable Picker App

Your Challenges

Grocery owner faces significant issues with their product selection and processing due to the lack of an effective picker app for their online business. Traditional systems often lack essential features and reliable digital solutions, hamper business productivity and operations.

Our Solutions

  • Our digital picker app enhances internal management in your grocery business.
  • Efficiently handle warehouses, vendors, and workforces for improved results.
  • Streamline worker assignments to new orders based on importance and size.
  • Enhance accuracy and efficiency, reducing errors and rework.
  • Easily integrate into any mobile grocery app or e-store.
  • Ensure smooth and efficient delivery processes, managing multiple orders.
  • Automate processes, save time, and indicate product availability to boost customer satisfaction.

Digital Loyalty system

Your Challenges

Loyalty system management is critical for online grocery stores. It can be difficult for customers to keep track of loyalty points at an online grocery store. This difficulty can make customers unhappy. As a result, this can lead to lower sales. As a result, implementing a digital system for tracking all loyalty points is critical.

Our Solutions

  • Our digital loyalty system boosts customer engagement in e-grocery stores.
  • Accessible through a mobile app and website, our digital loyalty card replaces physical cards.
  • Customers can conveniently earn and transfer loyalty points with the digital loyalty card.
  • Easily track points, redeem rewards, and monitor charitable contributions with our seamless system.

Simplify Quantity Calculation

Your Challenges

Grocery store owners often find measuring the weight of products like fruits and vegetables challenging because shipments vary. The weight of the products may be different from what was ordered. This can make it difficult to price items accurately and manage inventory effectively. This variability presents significant challenges for retailers.

Our Solutions

  • We offer a digital tool for calculating the grocery product quantity by adjusting prices based on actual item weight.
  • Our digital solutions help to develop custom eCommerce sites and apps for accurate price calculations.
  • This app will notify customers of any quantity or price changes before delivery to maintain transparency.
  • Customers can pay the difference during delivery, with refunds for fewer items received.
  • Promotes honesty and fairness in online grocery transactions, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Implementation of Scheduler System

Your Challenges

Implementing an effective scheduler system is a crucial challenge for grocery owners. They struggle with managing worker schedules, product quality, and inventory levels. This can lead to over or under-stock, wasted inventory, additional costs, and dissatisfied customers.

Our Solutions

  • We offer a reliable digital system for scheduling to ensure seamless management. We offer a reliable digital system for scheduling to ensure seamless management.
  • Our digital solution helps manage staff scheduling, restocking, workforce management, and customer service.
  • Helps to improve operations and reduce costs.
  • It helps to optimize staff schedules and ensure product availability at the right time.

Pricing Management

Your Challenges

The grocery industry uses pricing structures like fixed, bundle, and custom. Managing these structures carefully is important for good results. Grocery retailers often face serious problems when managing these prices manually.

Our Solutions

  • We provide a digital price management system to help streamline pricing structures.
  • Our digital solution adjusts prices based on availability to achieve a better outcome.
  • Customize discounts on limited-quantity items to clear excess inventory based on your specific requirements.
  • Schedule sales of perishable products at reduced prices or remove them from inventory before they expire.
  • Assist in developing effective pricing strategies for a variety of products.
  • Streamline Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Management

    Your Challenges

    While cross-selling and up-selling are effective strategies for increasing grocery sales, retailers frequently struggle to tailor customer recommendations, particularly for additional or higher-priced items.

    Our Solutions

    • Our team will help you with a digital system for cross-sell and up-sell.
    • We use advanced data analytics and AI-based recommendation systems to offer personalized product suggestions.
    • Our digital tool helps you use AL and ML to suggest organic alternatives for frequent buyers and enhance satisfaction and sales.
  • Easy Cart Management

    Your Challenges

    Managing shopping carts is a big challenge for grocery store owners. Customers often leave items in their online carts without buying them. This leads to inventory management issues, making it difficult for retailers to track actual product consumption.

    Our Solutions

    • Our digital cart management solution helps address your grocery store's abandoned cart management issues.
    • We use retargeting marketing strategies to encourage customers to complete their purchases.
    • Our digital system utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze customer data for personalized offers and emails.
    • We offer easier tracking of desired purchases, allowing customers to resume shopping quickly.
    • Our digital solutions help to boost revenue and lost sales for your grocery store.
  • Seamless Order Timeline Management

    Your Challenges

    The most common challenge grocery retailers face is scheduling their business operations effectively. Due to the lack of a digital system, they face issues with order scheduling and delivery management, eventually impacting the customer experience.

    Our Solutions

    • We offer a real-time tracking and digital order management system to simplify coordination.
    • Our digital order management system helps to organize order timelines to meet deadlines and enhance productivity.
    • We help to automate order routing tracking to improve customer communication and order fulfilment.
    • Our digital order system ensures timely deliveries, establishing trust and loyalty to drive customer conversion rates.
  • Custom packaging options

    Your Challenges

    Custom packaging is a significant concern for many grocery store owners, as customers seek different packaging options for various quantities, sizes, and pricing. Thus, providing a variety of packaging and non-packaging options is critical.

    Our Solutions

    • We provide a personalized grocery app and website to accommodate customers' packaging preferences.
    • Our digital solutions enable web store customization, allowing retailers to incorporate custom packaging options into their web pages.
    • We simplified the pricing calculation for custom packing to reduce errors.
    • We allow customers to choose their quantity to reduce waste.
  • QR and barcode Implementation

    Your Challenges

    Grocery retailers face challenges without QR or barcode scanning, which leads to a poor shopping experience, lower conversions, lower sales, and customer attrition. Slow navigation and limited product information access impede decision-making and user satisfaction.

    Our Solutions

    • We offer a systematic QR and barcode technology that revolutionizes online grocery shopping, notably with self-checkout.
    • Our mobile-friendly QR and barcode scanning technology helps customers scan with their phones for smoother checkout.
    • This technology reduces checkout times and provides easy access to product information like prices, nutrition details, and reviews.
  • Monthly Shopping list

    Your Challenges

    Customers often face issues making their monthly shopping list while shopping in an e-grocery store. Therefore, grocery retailers need to add shopping list features to ensure convenience, as this can create a significant issue of losing potential customers.

    Our Solutions

    • We offer a monthly shopping list feature that streamlines product purchases for customers.
    • Customers can create lists for different days and items to enhance shopping efficiency.
    • Feature includes monthly reminders for replenishment and inventory management.
    • Assists businesses in estimating sales and refining user experience.
    • Saves time and cost by ordering all items in one transaction.
    • Increase convenience and better customer experience.
  • Quick Refund Process

    Your Challenges

    Grocery owners often face issues handling refunds in their online grocery stores, causing customer dissatisfaction and lower conversion rates. This issue is particularly associated with wallet services and credit limit transactions. Customers often opt for refunds to their original payment method, adding complexity for the grocery retailer. Hence, a simplified refund process is crucial.

    Our Solutions

    • Our digital refund system simplifies credit limits and wallet features, encouraging purchases.
    • Refund amounts are seamlessly deposited into customers' online wallets.
    • This digital refund system can be integrated with existing stores to enhance shopping and boost conversions.
    • Customers can choose their preferred refund method for added convenience.

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Frequently asked questions

How much time will it take to develop a grocery solution platform?

The development timeline for a grocery solution platform varies according to the project's complexity. Contact our expert team for an approximate project timeline based on your unique requirements and complexities.

What will be the grocery solution development cost?

The project's specific requirements, customizations, and integration features determine the cost of developing a grocery solution. Contact our experts to get a personalized budget estimate for your project.

Do you offer SaaS products or Source Code solutions?

We use source code solutions to create your grocery app and give you complete ownership of the code. We ensure that there are no hidden charges, clauses, or restrictions for you.

Why should you use a source code solution instead of a SaaS product for grocery app development?

Using a source code solution lets you fully control the app's code. This means you can customize it to fit your needs without being restricted by SaaS features. Furthermore, source code solutions do not require recurring subscriptions, which helps reduce the development cost.

Do you provide post-development support?

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to assist you with developing your grocery app. We can help with setup, customization, and maintenance. Whether you need help, have questions, or seek advice, we're here to ensure your app's success. We offer post-development support to keep everything running smoothly even after your app is live.