Digital Asset Management Solutions

Advanced digital asset management platforms created by Magneto IT Solutions enable businesses to centrally manage, integrate, and combine any kind, any size, and any quantity of digital assets. Share standardised media assets across different touchpoints to enhance the consumer experience.


Our expertise in digital asset management

We recognise the importance of digital assets for businesses and make it our priority to provide the greatest platform for managing digital assets. This platform enables businesses to govern and safeguard all of their key assets, enabling them to achieve their business goals.

Workflow management:

We assist businesses in identifying editorial workflows and business processes to streamline asset management operations by integrating an innovative workflow engine into digital asset management. We provide cutting-edge capabilities including flexible workflows, workflow states and actions, workflow messaging and notifications, workflow design, and end-user workflows under the workflow management engine.

File management:

Our team will build a centralised repository for your digital assets, administer it, and distribute the media files in a systematic manner. DAM enables businesses to manage features like hotspot and face recognition, versioning, VR 360° photos, scheduling, image editing, and more automatically using MI and ML. We are experts at developing a digital asset management platform for businesses that can handle any volume of data and any type of file.

Image & video conversion:

Utilize automatic encoding and conversion so that businesses may produce and manage file derivatives in any size, file format, and resolution on the go. We develop specialised digital asset management (DAM) tools that let you produce optimised photos for your website, marketplaces, and other platforms. To increase page speed, the solution lets you cut, resize, and optimize the digital content.d analytics are provided to corporations by us through clever data optimization.

Metadata management:

To make your media file collection relevant and searchable, enrich and organise your files with the appropriate metadata, tags, and taxonomies. Our team of developers for digital asset management is skilled in creating highly scalable and adaptable metadata management solutions. Brands can be confident that managing media files will be simple and consistent thanks to the development of the digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Digital asset delivery:

For efficient and centralised asset management, DAM functions as a central enterprise content centre for businesses. Give your sales and marketing employees all the necessary media files so they may carry out their varied tasks. In digital asset management, organise your brochures, product images, photo sessions, flyers, and other media files.

Asset experience portal:

Utilizing the most reputable and trustworthy data and experience platform, Pimcore, create a front end with your own branding elements, such as your logo, colours, fonts, and others, using an advanced open-source digital asset management. We give businesses the ability to instantly exchange and work together on media assets with other departments, external stakeholders, and other parts of the organisation..

Direct edit in Pimcore:

We include digital asset management (DAM) software into local file systems so you can simply modify media files in your preferred apps. To make editing documents and media easy, we create desktop programmes for digital asset management that can be installed on your computer. Direct edit enables brands to access, modify, and store assets in a digital asset management system.

200+ file types supported:

In order to transform, preview, and publish media files, we create an award-winning digital asset management platform that supports over 200 media file formats, including photos, videos, document files, and more. DAM enables tasks like multi-channel publication, image and video conversions, compatibility with mobile responsiveness, and print-ready files with CMYK by supporting various media file types.

Microsoft/Adobe integration:

We create digital asset management systems that give brands desktop-only access to all recently updated media files and enable collaboration on them using Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud software. You won't have to switch between your preferred programmes because our DAM system integrates with Microsoft Office and Adobe platforms.

Enterprise print publishing:

We create enterprise print publishing platforms with digital asset management features to automate printing procedures and keep your sales and marketing materials up to date with the most recent, accurate, and comprehensive product information. By fusing product information management (PIM) and digital asset management, we give businesses access to omnichannel enterprise print and database publishing tools.


Digital solutions using DAM

By empowering your omnichannel and commerce initiatives, you can deliver captivating product experiences that foster wonderful customer experiences.


B2B portal Development

Magneto excels at creating ground-breaking B2B portals for various brands from which businesses may communicate with outside partners. By integrating the digital asset management (DAM) solution, we have successfully deployed vendor portals, supplier portals, distributor portals, digital agencies, etc. Companies can utilise digital asset management to exchange media files with outside consumers..

B2B eCommerce Solutions

By utilising the possibilities of digital asset management, we excel at creating digital solutions for consumers. Digital asset management has been incorporated in B2C solutions including websites, marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and more. Digital asset management is used by brands to exchange media files across several output channels that always include consumer-facing platforms.

Social media

We give brands the freedom to publish photos and other media assets in accordance with the exact dimensions of each social media platform. By distributing consistent media assets across all social media platforms via a single solution, you can take your online presence to the next level. Drive significant consumer engagement with your brand with the use of our DAM solutions.

Marketplace development

We offer digital asset management solutions that allow businesses to organise and distribute key media assets across a variety of touchpoints by adhering to the needs of each channel. To distribute digital assets on popular markets like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and others, we create digital asset management.

Web development solutions

By providing the intended audience with an interesting, visually stimulating, and educational website, we contribute to enhancing the customer experience. Advanced digital asset management is integrated into your website to strengthen your company's online presence.

Catalog management solutions

Businesses can centrally manage all of their sales and marketing catalogues thanks to digital asset management. It serves as a focal point for both printed and digital catalogues. Businesses can add, edit and remove any information or catalog at any time to keep the catalog data updated. We implement the print publishing-capable digital asset management platform.

Our digital asset management solutions cover all industries.










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Benefits of digital asset management


Increased brand resonance

By removing inconsistencies and errors in media files, digital asset management optimises digital assets and helps you deliver a consistent brand experience.


Transparent asset management

Brands may regulate the availability and usage of assets by using digital asset management to keep your asset library updated, add new files, remove extra files, and more.


Seamless Integration

Digital Asset Management enables businesses with a 100% API-driven interface that enables seamless interaction with your current IT environment and breaks down data silos.


Excellent client experience

Delivering a consistent experience to your clients across all touchpoints is possible with the help of a digital asset management solution that shares consolidated, high-quality content on output channels.


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Frequently asked questions

How do you define digital asset management?

A centralised system is developed to handle all of the digital assets for the businesses and gives them access to media files that are structured and easily accessible. This is known as digital asset management, which is both a business process and an information management technology platform.

Who requires a solution for managing digital assets?

To manage their respective medical assets centrally within a business, marketers, designers, sales teams, IT departments, distributors, and agencies need digital asset management. Digital asset management streamlines the current asset management workflow and aids in breaking down organisational walls between various departments.

When should you make a digital asset management investment?

Organizations must install a digital asset management (DAM) solution to handle the various challenges associated with digital assets that they face. Finding assets, understanding assets, managing assets across systems, managing and sharing assets that are resource-sensitive, and other difficulties can be addressed with the aid of digital asset management.

How can I make the right decision about digital asset management?

A digital asset management platform is required by almost all online businesses in order to provide clients with a tailored, interesting, and responsive experience. Various commercial processes, including eCommerce, web content management, campaign management, and others, are supported by digital asset management.

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Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.

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