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Bring Your Stones And Tiles Business Online!

We are the one stop shop for all of your Natural Stones Website Development needs.

Bring Your Stones And Tiles Business Online!

We are the one stop shop for all of your Natural Stones Website Development needs.


Let your customers decide which stone-craft goods are the best for their project!

As a Tile and Stone web development company, we can help you develop a website with this unique feature of the ‘Visualizer’, which can enhance your customers’ visual experience in selecting the best natural stone and porcelain items, category-wise. This feature also allows your customers to compare one category of stones and tiles with another. The Visualizer allows your customers for the depiction of a wider variety of products as well as more realistic interior room scenarios. This feature has the following perks:

Your customers can preview the layout of stones or tiles in different surroundings with the help of the Visualiser feature.

With just a click of a button, your customers can preview hundreds of designs without physically visiting the store.

Save and share your favourite products with family & friends in the form of pictures or pdfs.


“Order a sample” functionality

Make your customers happy by introducing this unique feature of ordering a product for checking the quality & colour of the products

We understand your industry, and recommend this feature for your Stones and Tiles website design where users can order samples at home at a reasonable price. Magneto IT Solutions is a Natural Stone website development company that can help you develop a website where you can enable your customers to order samples at their homes to check out the quality of the product before making the final purchase. If the customer decides to buy the final product,then the provision of refunding or reimbursing them the cost of their sample order can also be added. It has the following advantages for stones and tiles store owners who want to increase their customer base:

Providing samples makes your customers doubly sure

They enable your customers to obtain a better understanding of product colour and colour range and compare batches.

Increase flexibility for customers to choose or change

Multiple financing options

Make your customers aware of the various flexible financing options for their next stones and tiles project

We can help you develop your online Stone and Tile Website Design project that will provide your customers the choices among three flexible financing options. We suggest the 'Buy Now and Pay Later' feature which can let your customers make a purchase today and give them a chance to try it out before they buy it. They only have to pay for what they keep. The 'Instalment Payment' and 'Flexi-Financing' allow your customers to divide their total purchase into three equal instalments to spread the cost over a more extended period by using automatic payments (say, every 30 days). Following are the 3 Financing Options for you to showcase: i) Buy Now and Pay Later ii) Instalments Payment iii) Flexi-Financing This provides you with the following benefits:

Customers can use a common ‘1 for all’ Online Cart

Customers can share online cart via social media and email

For simple sharing, it enables cart copy links


Find your nearest dealer

Make your customers aware of the nearest Dealers and Stockists to purchase either online or offline.

We understand your industry and will only provide you with the best solutions for your Stone and Tile Website Design project. You can promise your customers high-quality stones and tiles in the comfort of their home by either ordering them online or providing them with the nearest dealer’s address and contact details. We are a web design firm for the granite industry that provides your customers a seamless website where your customers need to enter their postal code, and they can locate an authorised dealer near them. This feature provides you with following advantages:

Promises more transparency and collaboration with customers.

It assures a wider customer reach and faster growth.

It ensures reduced costs and better logistics support.


Delivery and shipping

Make your customers aware of your credibility in delivery and shipping charges on the front page of your Stone and Tile Website Design project

We can help build you a website with a 'Dynamic Pricing' feature. This feature works on the mechanism where every step of the transportation information of natural stones or tiles is well known to your customers. This mechanism works on the following 2 factors for determining the final costing: - Weight of the material (Stones/ Tiles) - Distance Benefits of this feature are:

Improves transparency in front of your customers.

Enhances your overall logistics and transportation process to various delivery locations in terms of your budget planning and automation.


Advanced filters

Websites with Advanced Filters are 80% more responsive than those that don't have.

We can build you a natural stones & tiles website with unique and various advanced filters for making your online store more responsive and engaging for customers. Magneto can provide your website with Advanced filters like Special Deals, Pricing Range, Colour, Theme, Materials used, Finish Surface, Packing Configuration, Brands, Overall Coverage, Texture, Cut type, and Edge type, Range of Depth, Unit size, etc. These help your customers be more specific in the range of products to be chosen. This feature gives you the following perks:

Helps your customers find the right featured products quickly.

Makes sorting through thousands of products easy for your customers.

Limits the number of irrelevant search results that are displayed.

Helps your customers find the right featured products quickly.
Helps your customers find the right featured products quickly.
Makes sorting through thousands of products easy for your customers.
Makes sorting through thousands of products easy for your customers.
Limits the number of irrelevant search results that are displayed.
Limits the number of irrelevant search results that are displayed.

Construction contracts & after-sales merchandising

Develop that trust with your customers by advertising about your Partnerships beyond Stones and Tiles

We suggest you to add this feature to your Marble & Granite Website design, showcase your connections beyond selling just the final products. Make your customers assured with the trusted services beyond, including collaborations with the Construction people on Contract and After-Sales people with Merchandising cleaning and Maintenance Products that will promise your customers high-quality paving, lowering their maintenance requirements. This feature has the following perks:

Gaining trust of your customers with after-services like construction and maintenance.

Advertising about your partners will make them advertise for you.

Insurance of long-lasting, high-quality tiles and stones for your customers, hence better customer reviews.


Additional modules and features
Fast and Timely Delivery Feature
Customers Reviews and Feedback
Secure and fast Payment Options
Latest Trends and Styles in Materials
Loyalty Scheme and Rewards programs
HD Photos and Videos
Mobile Responsive Website
Installation Videos

Stones and tiles online shopping app development

8 out of 10 people who shop online do so on their smartphones.

Today, mobile phones are the essential source for online purchasing. As a result, it is critical for Tiles and Stones Online Store Solutions to optimise all the touchpoints for mobile devices. Because consumers are constantly active on their phones, mobile apps have become an essential marketing tool for businesses. Therefore, Magneto IT Solutions develops an impeccable website along with a user-friendly Mobile App. We make a Mobile Responsive website containing huge HD photos and videos. We can develop this mobile application with different views and access rights for all stakeholders, i.e., Dealers & Contractors, and Admin. Following are the most critical features for various stakeholders involved:

Natural stones and tiles app for company admin

ERP Management

Magneto can provide you with a mobile app to handle day-to-day business tasks like procurement, project management, accounting, supply chain operations, risk management, and compliance.

Inventory Management

Magneto IT Solutions can build you a Tiles and Stones Online Store solution that can help you with the process of a company's inventory being ordered, stored, used, and sold. It also comprises the storage and processing of raw materials, components, and completed products and the administration of raw materials, features, and final products.

CRP Management

We can develop a Mobile app that can determine your company's production capacity and whether it can reach its production targets. This CRP analysis helps you determine if your company can meet the demand for its product.

Manage Details of Online Customers

Admin can conveniently handle the details of website users, including their personal information, wallet amount, and reward points, with the Stones and Tiles Online Shopping App developed by us.

Stone and tiles online shopping app for dealers and contractors

Bills Records

Magneto can develop a Mobile app that keeps track of all the respective bills with different views and access rights for each of your contractors and dealers globally.

Payments made/ due

We can develop a Tiles and Stones Online Store solution app that will keep records of payments made previously, and payments due in chronological order for all the contractors and dealers.

Update on the Stocks

The Mobile app developed by Magneto allows your contractors and dealers to update all product stock quantities and inform their consumers of the exact quantity of every product at any given time.

Quotation Management

We are a Stones and Tiles Online Shopping App Development company and can build you an app where your contractors and dealers can improve business efficiency by creating and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintaining billing and shipping information, and providing enhanced QMS reporting features.

Delivery Status

Delivery personnel can check the status of all orders as well as other pertinent information for different located contractors and dealers globally.

Order Specifications

The tracking status, order ID, order placement time, quantity and number of products in a specific order are found here.


Third party integration

We understand your Industry. We understand your requirements. ERP
Integration CRM
Integration AR

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