Custom Software Development

We transform bold bushiness and e-commerce ideas into exceptional digital products. Our more than 10 years as a successful custom software development company allows us to bring insightful design experience into the full-stack enterprise application development that enhances your competitive advantage and customer relationships.


Custom software apps drive business outcomes

We are a custom software company focused on providing tailored-made solutions to your business and digital needs. We listen closely to the scope of your business and client needs so that every process advantage leads to an engaging experience. With Magneto IT Solutions, you get:

Complete ownership

No more buying annual licenses or having to deal with bloatware from off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, our bespoke software development ensures you have all the tools you want without having to answer to a third-party dev team.

Innovation & flexibility

Our custom software development services are designed by a creative team of experts who combine industry standards with out-of-the-box solutions. We want you to think big, so we can come up with a product sure to exceed your expectations.

Competitive advantage

Enterprise application development means we know how to craft the best possible digital product for your specific business, team, industry, and niche market. This unique combination requires detailed services that other companies will not benefit from.

Technology independence

We don’t need to upsell you on other custom web development services or specific software packages. We are dedicated to you and your project only and use the stack combination perfect for overcoming your challenges.


We offer a broad range of custom software services

Magneto IT Solutions prides itself on the varied technology, industries, and niche markets that we serve. We have fostered a wonderful community of developers, designers, and experts so we can find the best possible solutions to your custom application development needs. These services include:

Custom enterprise application development

Innovative ERP applications that drive client engagement and interactional functionality forward. We work closely with your team to understand the workflows you use, so we can improve them with practical and easy-to-understand digital solutions.

SaaS applications solutions

We have spent years developing private and commercial SaaS-based applications. This is a heavy testing process to ensure everything is smooth before offering your new project to your clients.

eCommerce Applications Development

We specialize in eCommerce custom web development services because many of our clients come from the Magento web design sector. That means we have spent years finding those solutions that increase revenue and drive customer sales.

Mobile application solutions

The majority of online shopping and activity comes from consumers checking their mobile devices. That is why we take great care to create easy-to-use apps with solid UI/UX attractive designs.

Legacy applications modernization

When it is time to update your previous app versions, our expert developers go through and audit your code, inserting new features and streamlining fixes for a smooth deployment of a new version to your users.

Product development

We walk alongside you from ideation to MVP and prototyping that verifies customer engagement through research and testing. The more we can differentiate your product during its lifecycle while meeting the pain points of your clients, the better.

Data Management

As a custom application development company, we know the pressures of having your data organized and safely stored in the appropriate locations. That is why we work with the expected use case of your app to ensure the least amount of downtime possible.

Third-Party Integration

We want you to have full capability with every product and project we complete. That is why we leave an open door to integrations you wish to utilize in the future or have been previously built and need overhauling for current models.

Proven to work product development methods

We are a versatile custom software development firm willing to adopt any methodology used in the industry. In those rare cases where one of these systems does not rise to the occasion of your project, we will communicate a new process aligned with your brand and project goals.

How we do it: software development lifecycle

Our 360 degrees comprehensive custom software development services utilize core technologies and proven processes that result in the best end-product. This means relying on collaboration and transparent communication to ensure all your needs are being met at every stage of development.


Product scope

One of the most critical phases of planning involves the scope of your project's time and resource allocation. We work closely with your team to iron out these details, so everyone is on the same page before beginning.



As a leading custom web development company, we recognize that consumers want a clean and easy-to-navigate product. That is why we leverage our design experts by providing an engaging and attractive product to daily users.


MVP builder

The tech world is full of companies moving at break-neck speeds to get their ideas to the market as quickly as possible. Our incubator and accelerator-trained developers will fly through your designs into a fully deployable product that can be perfected in live testing.


Dedicated teams

Every member of Magneto IT Solutions is a proven expert and experienced provider of high-quality services. We shuffle through different team configurations to meet the specific needs of your project.


Why choose us?

We at Magneto work with passion to bring your ideas to life. We push ourselves. We push technology, And we push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

13+ yrs experience
Quick implementation
250+ stores developed
Certified team
Agile method approach

How can we help you?


Need Consultation?

Our 13+ years of experience in bespoke software development allows us to provide consultation that is easy to understand and free of tech jargons. If you want to consult someone who understands your business needs, then reach out to me now!

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Need Dedicated Team?

Our highly skilled team of developers have a deep understanding of top programming languages, frameworks & other custom software development tools & deliver solutions using key cutting edge performance technologies. Hire us now!

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Build an MVP?

If you are looking to enter the market quickly, attract early adopters, and achieve product-market fit from early on, then contact us now. We can provide you MVP builder services, so that you can grow your business as soon as possible.

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Case studies & stories

We work together across the globe to make a world of difference


Alboumi is photography and printing solution located in Bahrain. Alboumi is the sister company of Ashrafs WLL. They provide a versatile online solution for image processing. Alboumi is engaged in photography, printing on multiple media of customer’s choice, and offering customized print solutions.

  • This entire process is automated through the website.
  • We integrated all of these services into the website through the design of an eCommerce solution.
  • Photographers can register and access the website.

PowerX Optimizer is one of the web development projects from the Rockwell Trading. The project aims at providing the analysis of the Stock price of various firms across various stock exchanges present in the Globe. It helps customer to decide to whether buy, sell or hold the Share based on the past data. The website works on the various financial formulae in order to predict the share prices.

  • We developed APIs for calculating indicators
  • We undertook charts integration & cron jobs for trading report generation
  • We created scanners for shortlisting stocks & watchlists to monitor them

The results we deliver

120 +

Global Team

250 +

Store Launched

$8 B+

Revenue Empowered

13 +

Years of Experience

6 +

Awards Won

client slider person name

Mr. Amin Dolatshahi

Petzone, Group Marketing & Ecommerce Manager

client slider person name

Max Herber

Badkamermeudel Outlet, Owner

client slider person name

Hannah Roberts

Marketing Manager at Diamond Boutique

client slider person name

Monica Sawyer

Owner at V P Wedding Planner

client slider person name

Paul Daun

President of Diyi Technology

client slider person name

Olu Obasanjo

Shoptroniks, LLC

client slider person name

Evelyne DjamatDubois

Marketing Analyst at Glazers Wholesale Distributors

client slider person name

Jessica taylor

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Frequently asked questions

What is Custom Software Development?

Our experienced team creates new digital products using different combinations of technology that meet the tailored made needs of your specific business, niche, or target market. This is highly customized software designed just for you.

What is an example of Custom Software Development?

Netflix is an excellent example of custom software development. This is a heavy user-influenced website platform and application that must manage significant amounts of data across a clean UI/UX that encourages continual user engagement.

How can pricing for a Custom Software Development project be defined?

There is no simple answer to this question. Every project that comes across our table is unique and requires different resources depending on the size, scope, features, integrations, and technologies being used. Therefore, the best way thing to rely upon is the estimate you’ll receive after an initial consultation.

What is the process during your Custom Software Development consulting?

This is simple. We schedule a consult and listen closely to the needs of your project, carefully assessing what resources will need to be allocated during project completion. We then assemble a team of experts to meet these needs and then present you with a plan that you can amend and approve when ready to begin.

Do you provide support services after the Custom Software Development has concluded?

Yes, we look forward to ensuring every one of our projects has successfully launched and all the bugs are ironed out, so you have a fully functional solution. The costs associated with this time commitment are determined during our consultation's planning phase.

Recognition from the top leading analytics agencies

Magneto IT Solutions has been repeatedly recognized by the leading analytics agencies. This is due to our endeavour in finding the perfect alignment between design, customer experience and technology.


Have a project in mind? We’d love to make your ideas into reality.