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B2B eCommerce Solutions

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The truth is that it’s far simpler to run B2B transactions through right B2B eCommerce solutions. It makes it easier to sell more products and save time for both the parties.

We have studies 50+ business B2B Process and designed B2b eCommerce website and B2B eCommerce software solutions to improvised and make process automated between manufacturer & wholesaler OR Wholeseller & Retailer and run their business hassle-free.

Magneto It Solution

Customer Groups Segmentation

It will allow you flexibility to classify your customers into groups base on your business requirement.

You can group your B2B customers based on Order volume, reorder frequency, catalogue selection, number of product quantity, location and many more as per your business needs.


Setup a Price base on
Customer Group

Our B2B eCommerce agency help you to setup different prices based on the customer the customer group. It will help your customers to get personalize the shopping experience, you'll find very often the need to offer "special" product pricing to your more demanding clients.

B2B solutions gives you a flexibility to set different base prices for any product in your customer group.


Request for Bulk Discounts
OR Deal Pricing

Sometimes your b2b buyers are might be looking for more discount then you are providing, that is moment where you would be losing a genuine customer.

This feature allows your b2b buyers send you request regarding the product they would like to order and put a request for additional 10% discount on this order. I am going to purchase these items every week. Please help me with it. Request will be sent to the seller, they can review it and give them best possible discount and close the sale.


Minimum Order Quantity

A Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement specifies the lowest quantity of a certain product that the store is willing to sell. If the B2B buyer can not reach the MOQ requirement, then they won’t be allowed to place the order.

Your business might also require similar features like,

  • Minimum Order Amount to complete an order
  • Maximum Order Quantity per product
  • Specific quantity multiples for products sold in packs, cases, etc

User Management

B2B eCommerce solutions is about having a variety of complex user roles with each having access to specific parts of the database. The feature to assign granular user roles makes it easier to manage the B2B eCommerce platform setup.


Pipeline Management

Companies often get enquires from end users about where they can buy their products. Companies pass these enquires to official B2B web Dealer via feature. company account manager adds a lead they receive giving the opportunity to win the business to B2B buyers and also you can log your leads here to help keep a track of your current opportunities.


Customize Payment & Shipping

We offer best B2B services like easy setup and integration with world top payment and shipping solutions and your customer can easily make payment through debit, credit, Netbanking, bank transfer.


Tax Rule Engine

Take a advantage of profound tax engine that gives you detail control on various taxes based on manufacture and wholesaler locations.


Marketing catalogue

Keep your wholesalers aware with digital versions of full range of marketing materials such as full catalogue, range catalogue ,promotional flyers and many more. they can even use this page to add their own business logo and information to anything they download and showcase to end buyer in a better way.


Bulk Ordering Made So Easy

It allows your wholesalers to find and add products to their cart in just few clicks. Instead of letting your customers visit page to page scroll through different products. B2B Buyers will able to make a bulk order, they have options to make order using CSV.


Send Invoice Directly To Your

It becomes very hard to manage when you have to send the quotations to many of your customers in a single day. It is like a two way process, where first you need to see the order details then need to make a offer and set your mark up % and then send it to the customers.

Our Features allows you to make a order for your customers and send them directly by filling their details in the panel which cuts the entire operation in one step. You can also able to save this if you want to use it again.


Credit Limit (Pay On Account)

B2B Buyers will have some specific credit limit and also a global limit. Credit limit adds a payment method “Pay on Account”, which is used to accept credit orders. If a customer exceeds the credit limit, the customer can no longer order with the “Pay on Account” payment method, Credit Limit exceed limit message is shown on the Checkout page.




My Projects

Sometimes it becomes very hard to manage some big projects. We have solution for that you can manage all the purchases and quotes you need to create when managing a big project. It allows you to create a lead.

Special Product Requests

Sometimes your customer might be looking for product you may not be providing, that is moment where you would be losing a genuine customer. This feature allows your b2b buyers send you request regarding the product they would like to order.

Advanced search

Hard Challenged faced by the sale executive is to find all products details, to define the prices and make an offer, which generally consume much time. B2B Customers generally have clear idea about what they are looking to buy.

Pre-Ordering Feature

With this feature B2B Buyers can pre order the product, which is yet to release? The B2B Buyers can pre-order the products with an advance payment. They will receive an email notification on the availability of the product.

Return Merchandise Authorization

This feature which allows B2B Buyer to return the products if is damaged. B2B Buyer can also view the past RMA history. Using this feature they can return the products, and have them exchanged. B2B Buyer can also “request a new RMA”


With a quick one-click reorder function, customer wills able repeat the order. Directly from their Account page, customer will able to see the most recent orders with the function to start a new order includes the same products from the original one.


Seamless Integration with
your Business Software

Seamlessly integrate with the business tools you already use. Connect your home grown solutions, ERP, supply chain inventory, and keep impressive speeds and efficiency. From variable product photos to specialized discounts and upselling, you control the complete customer experience.

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Why use seamless integration with business software?

Integrate seamlessly with your existing business tools. Connect your in-house solutions, ERP, and supply chain inventory to maintain fast and efficient performance. You control the entire customer experience, from variable product images to specialised discounts and upselling.

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