Top Master Data Management Solutions

Utilize an open-source master data management development to unleash the power of your data. Manage your company data more securely, in one place, and in a systematic manner. Your strategic data assets, which are used for many purposes, may be found in a single location with the help of this solutions.

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Our expertise in master data management

By using adaptable data models, we provide master data management solutions that are scalable and extensible. We make sure that organisations can handle B2B and B2C data accurately and conveniently in a single location with other company data thanks to master data management solutions.

  • 1Rich content integration

    Utilizing a unique master data management system, transmit high-quality media assets over many channels to increase brand consistency and compliance. By displaying digital assets and material in a specified arrangement, you may simplify and engage customer interactions. To adapt to your changing business demands, rich content integration is simple to configure and quick to extend.

  • 2Hierarchy management

    With the aid of master data management tools, create, store, and manage numerous hierarchies for the efficient classification of your vast company data. You can use a streamlined procedure to enforce data stewardship, manage various data domains, and construct different entity hierarchies.

  • 3Super connectivity

    With your current corporate systems and outside applications, we integrate the master data management solutions. We continuously guarantee a high level of master data availability by establishing seamless interaction between master data management and other business systems. With master data management solutions, we offer the experience to integrate your cloud and on-premise data, unstructured and structured data, external and internal data, and more.

  • 4Audit trail

    We enable you to manage and preserve different versions of your unstructured and structured data in a single location by implementing feature-rich master data management solutions. It gives you stronger data governance and stewardship capabilities. Along with additional information, such as who edited the data and when, you can follow the version history or modifications.

  • 5Data quality

    We create a strong master data management system that satisfies your data quality requirements for various datasets, including unstructured, structured, and internal as well as external data. To access accurate and current data for your various activities, we let you establish cleansing criteria, match, check, and standardise your master data.

  • 6Workflow management

    In the process of creating master data management systems, we construct a workflow engine. You can use it to categorise, quarantine, assign, escalate, and fix problems with the data quality of your master data. You may easily establish and manage editorial workflow and business operations with the aid of a master data management system. Utilizing unique frontend features, you may increase persistent monitoring and collaborate more quickly.

Benefits of master data management


Faster time to market

This solutions efficiently manage a huge amount and variety of corporate data, enhancing operational effectiveness and shortening time to market.


Boost digital transformation.

Data silos are eliminated throughout the organisation via master data management. By combining customer experience management and data management on a single platform, it enhances business outcomes.


Lower cost

Use an open-source master data management solution to drastically lower your development costs. Utilize master data management's multi-domain features to inexpensively expand to a new data domain.


A single trustworthy source

As it gives you access to an aggregated picture of all your business data, master data management serves as a single source of truth. A centralised data repository allows you to store, manage, aggregate, and syndicate all of the data.


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Frequently asked questions

What function does master data management serve?

In order to develop an enterprise-wide coordination of data and increase data accuracy and consistency throughout the business, master data management entails a number of software tools, IT technology, and data collection techniques.

What are the best methods for implementing master data management?

Aligning your master data management vision with your business vision, defining multiphase strategies, tracking progress, effective collaboration, maintaining architecture consistency and product fit, embracing data governance, and selecting the best master data management solutions provider are the best practises for successful master data management implementation.

What is the price to create a master data management solution?

ZERO. Yes, as Pimcore is an open-source digital platform, there is no expense associated with creating master data management solutions using its capabilities. The cost of implementation and modification is the only other expense, and it varies from project to project.

How can I begin using master data management?

To begin with master data management, you must educate yourself on the subject, assess your current data management strategy, define scopes, establish business cases, identify stakeholders, carry out data governance policies, design an MDM solution charter, choose & implement a master data management platform, and continue monitoring the effectiveness after implementation.

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