Magneto IT Solutions is the place where you can achieve what you dream. There is no boundaries set for any employee and is allowed to fly free and as high as he or she can fly. Each employee is considered as a family member. One gets a chance to grow along with the growth of the company.

We emphasize on personal training, grooming and self-development of an individual. Everybody is allowed to work in a flexible and healthy competitive environment where there is enough space for all to fly high. All sort of insurance, medical benefits and other perks matching the standards are offered.

We have current openings for individuals who think big and are ready to work in flexible environment.

Hardware skills:

We are looking for a group of talent who loves the hardware components as their dearest friends. To play with them, explore and get new ideas to get something better from the existing system, are the features that has be to be present that are willing to work at magneto IT Solutions.

Software skills:

Apart from the usual coding and programming skills, one must possess flair of “what if” analysis. Practical thinking and logical reasoning brings the most to a piece of software module.

Any other IT Skills:

As Magneto IT Solu tions has spread its wings in various sectors; there is a space for all. You must have the capability to adapt new challenges and there is certainly a role for you to play in our organization.

Get in touch with us with your latest profile data and your documents. Mail your CV to the mentioned email id and keep your finger crossed. You never know what the destiny has stored for you.

your work samples and passport size photograph to :

Magneto It Solutions

Magneto It Solutions