14 e-Commerce Christmas Ideas Can Double Your Profit On This New Year

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ecommerce chirstmas ideas

E-commerce means going through a tough competition. There is a number of e-commerce platforms emerging day-by-day. Marketing strategy keeps coming up with the prominent changes and so e-commerce also needs to go according to that changes to come up at the first number.

In this post, we are going to emphasize on Best 14 E-commerce Christmas Ideas Can Double Your Profit This Christmas hints for boosting your online sale.

Roughly how much money do you think people will spend on Christmas gifts this year?

christmas buy stastic
source: statista

1) Sending Email Is Quite Effective:

Have you not been believing in sending email? Go with creative way as soon as possible to avail maximum benefits. Send a promotional email to your customers whether they are new or regular. Let them know that you are going to cater special incentives if they subscribe you.

send email

At the end of the day, email marketing is considered the most astounding change in the channel for an online business website. If you have not created email then you must got ahead. It should be creative and lovely so your receiver would love having it.

2) Decorate Your Online Store

Since the festive season is around the corner, your site also must be decorated to fetch the attention of the customers. Categorize your product into different categories to make easy for the buyers.

Decorate Your ecommerce Store

Apart from decoration, make sure that your online store is looking good categorized into different categories. It does not let them confused and they can easily what they are looking for.

You can go for making general categories to show how your online store is all set to welcome the buyers. Take a look at mentioned categories.

  • Gender (Her/Woman, Him/Man)
  • Age Groups (Kids, Teenagers, Seniors)
  • Role Or Occupation (Mother, Father, Musician)
  • Hobbies (Traveler, Foodie)
  • Price Points

3) Unearth The Best To Your Customers

Make sure you are going to serve the best to your customers. Lure them showcasing the new collection having latest products.

top sallling product

Do not introduce your customers the low-quality products as they do not help to carve out the great image of your store. Make sure that the offered items hold great quality as well as they must be affordable.

This is a simple approach to gather items and administrations around a specific event, and it likewise makes it a simple asset for individuals to share.

4) Add Catching Punchlines:

Do not forget to make catchy subject lines while sending the email to your customers. You may also make your bond a bit stronger letting them know about the discount eCommerce holiday sales and so on. The new age customers keep looking for this kind of.

ecommerce add catching punchlines

We all know that adding the punchlines fetches the great attention of the readers. Saying would not wrong that the adding punchline to the campaign leads towards a stronger and auspicious marketing technique.

Since you are going to add up new products to your online store, make sure that if they are available. Your customers may have these queries.

  • Will new items be accessible?
  • Are there any blessing groups that will be accessible to drive up normal request esteem?
  • By what method will you demonstrate your client that your items make great endowments?

5) Claim To Unearth The Gigantic Collection of Newest Products

The new age competition is quite tough. Some online stores increase the price of their products which does not go in favor. Generally, customers always love to go with the best and newest products.

They would not mind even buying if the product comes up at a high rate. The thing they are looking for is the best quality.

new product arrival

  • Keep introducing your customers to the best information regarding the upcoming or the newest production elaborating the quality.
  • Prepare the lovely headers and hoarding putting up on the front page of site to get the attention of the customers.

6) Get The Most Out Of Social

Social Media is not a new word though. We all know what power it holds in e-commerce. The profit revenue can be increased following the best social media strategy.

social media share

During Christmas, SM plays an important role to build up the engagement and awareness in respect of Xmas offers. To grab the attention of customers, make sure what SM channel they are using the most.

7) Offer Free Shipping

Who would not love to order if free shipping is available? Free shipping would also add a spark to your campaign to ask your customers to choose your online shopping store.

free shipping

Apart from shipping, there are many things customers keep looking for. Here, we are going to mention what a customer wants from you while hunting more about Christmas shopping.

  • Do you offer gift vouchers? Would you be able to offer them?
  • What Xmas specials will you run?
  • Will you offer any unique rebates for Xmas?

8) Creative Content

Keep publishing the most engaging content. Use the lovely photography and videos to share more information with your customers.

creative content

Make Christmas content for your blog adding all information in a creative way. The content must not be boring or dull. Keep it attractive and worthy to read. You may add some more information regarding Christmas also to make it interesting.

9) Holiday Campaign

During Christmas, running holiday campaign brings great profit to you. Make sure that your campaign is clear and easy to understand to your customers. Let them know if you are providing any sort discount or eCommerce holiday sales.

Holiday Campaign

Here the chart has also being added showing that the Christmas campaign is started from October and it goes till December.

It means it would be right to run a brilliant holiday campaign in between of these months. People do a lot of shopping in between October and November a lot. You must target these months.

10) Gift Ideas

After running the campaign, do not forget to share it through a tweet, post, and share. Let them know what you are going to offer an eCommerce special gift.

gift ideas

  • Do you offer blessing bundling for Xmas buys?
  • Provided that this is true, is there anything additional exceptional you can do for Xmas to advance the administration?
  • If not, would you be able to offer blessing bundling on things over a specific value point?

Do not forget to use festive hashtags like #holidayseason #holidaysale #christmasgifts and so on. These tags make your product to get listed and customer come to them within no time. You have to think from customers’ perspective that what they think about you.

11) SEO strategy

Do not forget to go with the best SEO strategy. It makes you get noticed at the forefront. Make sure what eCommerce Christmas Ideas keywords in Meta Description.

christmas seo

They help you get a show while searchers hunt you. Apart from it, you also need to go with the engaged content on your site to match with your customers.

For this, you can go to Google Keyword Planner to make you come across the best ideas and traffic estimate. It leads towards having the best ranking on Google. You must start this campaign at least one month before.

12) Mobile Friendly Site

Most of the customers always love to surf the mobile-friendly site. We all have mobile in our pocket called a tool to get engaged with the whole world. The best thing is that mobile-friendly site does not put any extra burden on your site.

mobile friendly test

Most of the online shoppers love doing shopping from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet etc. Make sure that your mobile site is looking quite good and attention fetching. The screen size must be good.

This Christmas do not forget to pay attention towards it. Your mobile-friendly site should also be oozed with great creativity. Your customers are precious for you and do not let them feel awakened at any rate.

13) Offer A Giveaway

The best thing is that you need to let others know what you are going offer the different to them. Your customers will surely love choosing you if you are going to offer gift cards along with the product. You have to prepare a plan first that will not only profit you but your customers too.

ecommerce giveaway

How much discount or eCommerce holiday sales you are going to offer on Christmas day? No doubt this thing can make you popular among your customers within no time.

Are you going to offer a giveaway to your customers to give a remark on this Christmas? No doubt this thing can make you popular among your customers within no time.

14) Offer Gift Wrapping

On Christmas, people love giving a gift to loved ones. They also want to wrap gifts in an attractive way. You may offer free gift wrapping to attract them and double your profit. Offering Gift wrapping will surely help you getting more customers in one go.

gift wraping

  • This idea is best since your customers wish to gift the best gifts to their loved ones and they wish to look attractive. Gift wrapping is the only idea to let the gift look amazing.
  • This idea attracts people since they do not to stress about gift wrapping. It is done by the online store maintaining the beauty of the gift.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the best ideas to enhance the ratio of your profit. These ideas will surely help your online store to get the profit double. These creative and highly benefitted ideas are being used by the well-established, small-size and mid-size companies since they double the profit. Contact us if you have any query regarding eCommerce website development

Thank you for reading! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantabulous year ahead.

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