15 E-commerce Content Marketing Tools You Must Try in 2018

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2018 going to be a bit more competitive than 2017. As an eCommerce Merchant, your concern is to find out the content marketing tools that make your marketing strategy stronger>

E-commerce Content Marketing Tools

Here, we are going to add the most effective 15 content marketing tools that make your life easier.

1. Develop funnels with ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is so awesome on account of its easy drag-and-drop platform. With the help of this tool, you can have a sale funnel that proselytes in only a couple of minutes. Despite whether your organization concentrates on individuals on the web or off, you ought to make a business channel in the event that you have an Internet nearness.

It is being appreciated to demonstrate the adventure that takes guests and transforms them into leads. Leads at that point move toward becoming deals and these channels can be utilized to expand your organization’s normal request esteem.


The best thing is that templates can make the process quite faster which are designed on the basis of what actually did work in the paste for other companies. Let’s check it out the further features:

  • Hangout funnels
  • Email integrations
  • A/B testing
  • Sales funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • Auto-webinar funnels

2. BuzzSumo To Analyze Topics

Have you any idea in respect of the type of content trending in your industry? BuzzSumo introduces you the best topics that you should write about and can play a major role to come up with influencers in the market.


It’s one of the most famous Content Marketing solutions provider tool in the world that give you data of most shared content over every informal community and run investigation reports. Also, that influences this instrument to ideal for publication arranging and booking.

  • Find influencers having great reputation in the industry leaders
  • Check out the content they are sharing
  • To get content alerts
  • What a competitor posts
  • What about the performance of the competitor
  • Compare their results

3. Kred To Measure The Online Influence:

Kred is here to help you to measures your influence on the basis of analyzing Twitter and Facebook activity. Also, not at all like other influencer apparatuses, this one enables you to develop your own “influencer” status, so your online nearness get increased within no time.


  • The more your online presence gets boost up, your content will automatically get improved. Kred is the ideal asset for building believability and trust.
  • At the point when individuals know your identity, they’ll be all the more ready to tap on your substance and draw in with it.

4. Trello Makes Easy To Collaborate With Team Members

Trello takes collaboration to the next and higher level with sheets, records, and cards. It has been emerged as the best platform to schedule content writing, posting, and sharing. Here, you are allowed to leave messages for your other team members.


Moreover, it would become easy to share content with one another all in one place. The design makes it simple to begin and remain concentrated, so arranging ought to be a breeze.

5. Canva For Beautiful Images

We all know that how a beautiful image plays an important role to get a wide attention. For this, you can always go for Photoshop. Canva is tool to get the beautifully designed professional images to make your content a bit more attractive.


The well-experienced Ecommerce Strategist recommended this tool as it worthy to add. It also introduces the pre-built templates and layouts.

Canva And Its Amazing Features

  • Comes up with an easy to drag and drop elements
  • All options are free
  • To prepare eye-catching images
  • To gain more online exposure
  • Prepare images to add in your all content

6. Uberflip To Take The content marketing To the next level

Uberflip is tied in with enhancing the “content experience” of your site. Since it is coming up with the best features, it is excellently boosting your execution to claim the purchaser’s trip. An ideal eCommerce Content Marketing Tools tool to manage e-books, videos, blogs and so on.


  • Get all your workflows at the same place
  • It also allows you to create content hubs as well as sales streams
  • Have an uninterrupted interaction with your visitors
  • To serve a seamless experience to your customers

7. SEMRush – An Incredible Marketing Tool

It is time to have a great insight into all marketing things you are associated with. What keywords you must go for or how the search ads look like and so on.


Use SEMRush to find out.

  • To have a quick view the keywords
  • Put the URL into SEMRush to have the best keyword information
  • To unearth the Keywords your competitors might not know about yet.
  • To achieve the high ranking to a first-page one
  • With this one of the best eCommerce Content Marketing Tools, you can also check the competitor’s backlinks
  • You can also try it for free

8. GetResponse For The Best Email Marketing

Email marketing is something cannot be ignored at any rate. GetResponse makes easy to gain a lot of attention to building up the long business relationship.


It utilizes automation to trigger occasions or messages in light of moves made by a beneficiary or a specific time allotment that has passed.

9. Social share buttons with MashShare

Would not you love to have the eye-catching social share buttons on your content page? MashShare makes easy for you. The stylish and attractive buttons will make them to do so. The free version is also available to try it.


What Features Is Going To Introduce –

  • Twitter cards support
  • Supports short URL’s via Bitly or Goo.gl
  • Most-shared posts widget
  • Eye-catching share count animations
  • Open graph support

10. Outrank competitors with Ahrefs

Ahrefs is here to let you learn what your competitors are looking for you actually. It makes you able to have a close eye on your competitors.


  • Ideal to research before writing a content
  • To churn out the huge results
  • This tool crawls 5 billion web pages every day

11. HootSuite To Manage Social Media

To take your business to the next level, HootSuite is here to support you. It has been designed in a way to manage excellently social media posts ahead of time.


  • Go for scheduling your best content at the best times
  • To get connected with approx. 35 social media platforms
  • To view your latest posts all from your dashboard
  • To not having any spelling errors in your posts

12. Grammarly Makes Your content Error free

You would not love to have content full of mistakes. Do not go for the normal spell checkers as they do not always analyze writing for grammar mistakes. Choose Grammarly to catch every error.


It is one of the best eCommerce Content Marketing Tools to get your content error free like squinting modifiers, word usage, overused words, and more.

13. Content Marketing With MailChimp

Content marketing cannot be imagined without email marketing. Therefore, MailChip must be part of content marketing strategy.


  • It becomes easy to access your dashboard on both your devices mobile and desktop.
  • It is absolutely free.
  • To get build up an email list with subscribers
  • You can also track them.
  • easy to monitor metrics

14. Tweroid To Fetch More –

Twitter is one of the most known platforms also playing a major role to fetch more attention in respect of content marketing. Tweroid makes you able to churn out the best time of day to send tweets and more


  • To know about the most mentions and replies.
  • To come across the best days & times to reach more audience
  • Free tool to analyze as many as 1,000 of your followers.

15. Evernote to Stay organized –

Who would not love stay organized? Evernote is the best place to put all your ideas. Here, you can put all the information so you would not get confused regarding your content marketing research. It can be accessed anytime.


You can go for accumulating the web images, web pages, and PDF files. Saying would not wrong that Evernote has emerged as an ultimate content marketing organization tool.

Magento IT Solutions has emerged as the best eCommerce Development service provider because of imparting the incredible service to its customers. At this platform, our team staunchly believes in using the trendy, innovative and results-oriented e-commerce content marketing tools.

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