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Things need to be understood before choosing enterprise ecommerce platform: Shopify Plus vs. Magento EE

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Yes!!! You must be careful while choosing the best platform since it can play a critical role towards the success of your eCommerce site. Do not take it lightly as going with the wrong one means your eCommerce site may lead to poorly-functioning. To come up with the right choice, it is essential to understand the difference between Shopify Plus and Magento.

Let’s Understand The Prominent Difference –

It is important to understand the difference in a quick way. Here, we are going to emphasize the important points in a great way. Take a look –

===> Shopify Plus holds total experience of 3 years in this business while Magento Enterprise comes up with 8 years. It is great and worth to make the customers go with Magento instead of going any other one.

===> Magento is all set to leave you speechless as it holds 29.1% of the total market shares while Shopify Plus has to contend with the 11% of market share. It shows how strongly Magento firms at the forefront.

===> What about the live merchants? In this field, Magento also goes forward with 250,000. On the other hand, Shopify comes up only with 2,500 dedicated to Shopify Plus and 400,000 associated with Shopify.

===> Magento staunchly believes in keep going ahead and expanding its horizon. The Multi-store option has made Magento an eye grabber at the forefront as it comes up with Multi-store luring the merchants to handle the multiple brands, B2B/B2C stores without confronting any issues. And the best thing is that this all can be done easily from one Magento interface.

And that is why most of the businesses going to kick off the eCommerce site love to choose the best Magento Technical Services having in-depth information in respect of this platform. Going with this platform means you are going to bring the transparency in between you and your customers’’ relationship.

What About Pricing –

Pricing has always been a major topic of discussion that which one comes up at price.

Shopify Plus – It is available at a fixed price of $2,000 per month. This monthly cost also covers the support and licensing cost and you do not have to pay for that separately. Saying would not wrong that this is the point goes in the favor of Shopify Plus. Customers running tight on the budget. Going with Shopify Plus means you are going to have all these features at the reasonable prices. On the other hand, you may have to pay additional charge going with other eCommerce platforms.

Magento Enterprise – For having the license of Magento Enterprise development, you have to pay $20K as this is its starting price. And it keeps increasing according to merchant turnover. To put in simple words, you are not going to pay the same price as it keeps changing according to your requirements. Moreover, the licensing does not come having the hosting costs. Magento comes up with major benefits and that is why the coveted brands love to have this one.

Scalability: Shopify Plus Vs Magento

Magento – It is being mentioned that Magento Enterprise and Magento Enterprise 2 both are designed in a way so they provide the required flexibility while Shopify Plus does not match that point. Not only this, but Magento goes far in the context of Scalability as it used PHP already one of the most well-known programming languages. PHP is a widely known open-source and self-hosted platform. And that is why it seems good to go with Magento as your official platform gets a great horizon since it is possible to set up multiple languages and multiple currencies without coming across any issues. Moreover, it is loaded with so many options which also adds a great spark to it.

Magento vs Shopify

Shopify Plus – On the other hand, Shopify plus comes up with its simplicity and friendly use. Though it imparts an ergonomic interface having faster implementation time, it cannot match the magic of Magento. It does not go in that desired way as there are some limits regarding the features.

Magento E-commerce Development service providers understand this point and that is why always prefer to suggest its customers to go with this platform in order to fetch the desired results.

Shipping Provider Integrations – Magento Brings You At The Forefront –

The fact cannot be ignored that your customer expects the best from you. Though the duty does not get ended up introducing them the stylish or high in demand product at the best price. But it starts from the point when your customers choose you to deliver the product at the time without confronting any issue. This is the most important factors of eCommerce site and cannot be ignored at any rate.

We are living in the world where competition is at its peak and you need to be good at every stage. In order to be good at shipping to the customer, it requires to go with the platform integrating incredible together with your shipping and delivery provider. It ensures that your customers will love choosing you as they know their order is not going late at any rate. Your customers love to have transparency.

And Magento is not going to disappoint in respect of it as it has been designed as same as Shipworks. To bridge the gap between you and your customers, Magento EE has been integrated with a whole lot of major shipping and delivery platform like Fedex, USPS, UPS and DHL. On the other hand, Shopify Plus is integrated with USPS, UPS and Fedex. But it is not associated with DHL.

This is one of the most important factors in respect of eCommerce that must not be circumvented at any rate. Shipping and delivery a kind of a quite critical component of the eCommerce business until you get associated with the best platform.

What Studies Say About Magento eCommerce Platform –

Though a number of prominent differences have been emphasized this is also important to know what studies say about it.

Study about magento ecommerce platform

First, Magento eCommerce platform has emerged as the best platform among others at the forefront as it has been imparting the more than 200,000 merchants all across the world. The same applies to frameworks integrators – in the event that you have to move suppliers, odds are you’d have the capacity to discover an accomplice to meet your necessities that would assume control over your store with insignificant speculation. And it shows that the success rate of Magento all around the world as it does not associate with one particular city. The greatest offering point for Magento as there are a huge number of solid designers close by should you require them.

Going with this eCommerce platform means your site will be approached by a legion of customers. Magento is supported by a global community of incredible solution partners, great merchants, forum moderators and developers. Magento has been designed in a way so it creates transparency in between you and your customers. It helps to turn them into the permanent one. The multi-store usefulness in Magento is certainly a key quality of the stage and this is something where Shopify Plus makes them make up for lost time with.

The fact will not ignore that this platform will not let you regret your decision that why you choose it as it has been designed in a great way by the experts.

Magento In The Aspect Of SEO –

Without SEO, there is no importance of your site. SEO makes easy to approach your sites for the searchers. Though there is a lot of things to do in respect of SEO but Magento also putting an extra effort to bring the flexibility.

On the other hand, Shopify does not come up with the features to bring changes to URL structure. Moreover, changes also cannot be done in respect of hierarchy or any other sorts of things like Meta robots directives. The story does not get ended up, Shopify Plus would not be a right choice to go if you have been expecting that Shopify Plus may support things including canonical URLs. In short, it would not be flexible as same as Magento. Moreover, Magento has one major favorable position in that you can deal with all stores from one occasion at a worldwide level, though Shopify Plus would have isolate stores.

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