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Boost Your App User Engagement With These Amazing Retention Hacks

“Boost Your App User Engagement With These Amazing Retention Hacks” is locked Boost Your App User Engagement With These Amazing Retention Hacks

Nowadays, for any business, the only goal is to get users addicted to their mobile app. But we all know how hard a user retention to measure and enhance. This is true across all types of mobile apps regardless of the industry or business they are into. In this article, we will simplify the strategies you can execute to enhance your mobile app retention rate.

According to localytics, as of May 2016, nearly 23% of smartphone users discard an app after just one use. This is because when users don’t feel connected or not having meaning interactions, they mostly abandon the app. Albeit having a great UI design, effective acquisition, and onboarding, not necessarily every user will stay active. However, taking some simple measures can assist engage your users long after they have downloaded the app.

There are numerous proven tactics that can improve your app retention rate and below are the some of them.

App Indexing

If you are not familiar with what an App Indexing is, let me explain it. An App Index is the service that Google offers to let users find your app on top of the search results when they use their smartphones for searching apps with relevant keywrods. If the user already downloaded your app on his/her phone, then they will see the app icon with an option to open the app. But if the app isn’t installed, then the users will see a preview of your app with an option that will lead them to the Google Play Store (Android users) and iOS App Store (Apple users)

App Indexing gives you benefits in both ways: Attracting new users and user retention. If someone never heard or know about your app then this will help in getting new users and this is also great that you can remind your users to go back to their app and utilize accordingly.

Rewards Go a Long Way

It doesn’t matter whether it is an iOS or Android app, if you really want to improve your app retention, then giving your customers rewards to use your app can go a long way. Rewards like coupons, discounts, special promotions, etc. can drive your users toward your app and will help boost conversions and enhance engagement.

App Remarketing

You can send push messages to the active users but what about those who opted-out of push messaging? Simple, remarketing. Send a unique reminder about your new app features, plans, etc. to re-engage your lapsed users. Based on your users’ behaviors and preferences, you can get them back on track with your remarketing ad. You can do this through engaging emails, messages, or social advertisements.

A/B Testing

One of the effective ways to improve your user retention is by A/B testing. It makes you more efficient when it comes to marketing campaigns and drives better conversion rates. For instance, an app developer has a mobile game which contains in-app purchases for additional levels. Then the developer can test various banners for different levels to check which one is clicked by the most app users.

By running an A/B test, the developer will be able to find out which banner performs the best based on the app actual users. Of course, every app is unique and so are their A/B tests. You can test right from the number of forms needed to register for an account and placing of buttons on the screen to the text content that is used in CTA (calls-to-action).

Keep a Track of Uninstalls

Definitely, there will be least one or two users at who uninstalled your app. So keep a track and find out with users what actually made them uninstall the app. If yours is an iOS/Android app development company then knowing the reasons will certainly help you to save other users from doing so in the future.

Every app development company across the globe is focusing on one thing; app retention. It is just as important as attracting new users. Converting users to loyal and long-term customers will certainly generate higher revenue for your app. The above-mentioned tactics will significantly promote user engagement and retention to make sure your app has an impact in today’s competitive app market.

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