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Building user friendly presence in ecommerce – Magento commerce

Building user friendly presence in ecommerce- Magento commerce

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It is very difficult to display every aspect of a company on the website. The challenge for a designer is to eliminate every kind of confusion or discrepancy from the very beginning of the project. It is very important from magento designer point of view to imagine the requirements and identify what task has to be done, and could also visualize what would the end product look like? This is the process which decides the clear, shared and communicable vision of the product. It is during this process that the interface design and all the compromises is outlined.

We will now mention some of the ways which can make your e-Commerce site user friendly

While most of the customer are using online services for buying goods, a user friendly website will be a crucial investment to make your web presence strong & profitable.

Gaining Customer Insights.

This is very critical decision that must be taken from your side. First thing you must understand before you open your e-Commerce website is, customer will give you money only when he/she is fully satisfied. Based on the customer demand there might be the possibility that some of the goods you don’t like but it is very much important to retain each of your customer and have all those things which customer wants.

Magento and Shopify commerce are very much helpful in developing those sites which contain all the items in category wise.


It is very important to have completely different website than your competitors. Customers always recognize your brand, either with the logo or by the color. So this must be taken under consideration before you are finalizing your website.

Magento commerce platforms are best in the solution available in the market to develop the ecommerce site, which will fulfill your requirement. Magento 2 have the latest features included which will help to make your webshop more attractive.

Attractive products and offers

If you are presenting or conveying on the website about the special offers or some hot products than don’t disguise customers about that let them redirect to the concerned product details and decide whether they will buy or not.

Free Shipping

Everyone is doing these things but you need to do something special or different. Magento ecommerce platform provides you the opportunity to develop a website which will be integrated to the backend process and the point the order is placed the delivery process will be started. This will reduced the total time taken in shipping.

Secured Payment Option

Developing a website using Magento platform is best way to have the secured transaction process. The new features embedded in Magento 2 services has increased the trust of having safe money transaction and avoiding any fraud. Keeping the card or transaction data safe of the customer. This builds the trust of the customer to your e-Commerce website.

Choosing payment methods for Magento eCommerce sites

Easy Signin/Signup

This area need to be tested and it should be confirmed that proper management is being followed for this. It should not happen anyway that your customer decline or fail to buy from your website because of having issues with log in or log out process.

Magento is one of the best eCommerce platform which has been developed having lots of feature used to create very robust online store.

Easy Signin-Signup process in Magento

Strong Authentication

There is a mixed opinion among the customers regarding this facility, some like to have the strong authentication but some are not, customers don’t want to regulate the authentication details to be change everytime.

Magento commerce websites are well known to provide secured network for the customer data.

Latest News & Events

This build up the trust and faith among the customers or may be reinforces the number of customers to the brand as well. While looking to the news on some other source will build the confidence and it should be taken care of that the customer should get easy access to the news without any intervention.

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