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Advaning is a US-based company that is dedicated to professional design and manufacturing of a wide variety of outdoor retractable awnings and shade solution for both residential and commercial applications. Advaning being in both B2B and B2C business needed a platform to showcase their wide variety of products and to also provide them with a virtual walkthrough of how the awning will look like in their apartments and houses. Despite its multifaceted uses, sellers were not able to reach a lot of customers and the customers were always left with a limited number of options. This case study evaluates the contribution of Magneto web development services in setting up an online showcase and information portal for Advaning.

Problems regarding promotion of Advaning awning and shades

Several factors hold back sale of Advaning awning & shades

  • Awnings are generally preferred to be bought in person rather than online as watching the pictures online and buying does not give a full insight about them.
  • The customer may have certain questions regarding the product such as which product suits him the best or how to install it which may be necessary while buying the product.
  • The buyer want to save money by installing the awning themselves and not hiring professionals for the same, but the buyer refrains from the complex installation procedures which affect the buying decisions.
  • High marketing cost considering the product needs to reach the customers and rightly educate them on different usages and benefits.
  • Price Ambiguity of various Awning products across different platforms.
  • The customer did not have an idea about where to exactly buy the product.


To overcome the above problems the client wanted to develop an online portal where the buyers can see their product and get a virtual tour of how the product will look like, which product suits him the best and how to install them. The web portal also has option for live chat with customer care executives where people can ask their queries live.


  • It’s a great platform where you have all the information available both for the customers and the dealers to function smoothly
  • Since it has lot of vendors selling the Awnings through Advaning, it gives its customers to pick and choose range of sellers and compare the prices and services
  • Through an excellent feature called ‘Awning Visualizer’ the customers can literally visualize how their home or commercial space would look like post installing the Awning.
  • Website also provides a detailed Installation guide for an end to end support. An online video here gives a visual guide to its users in the installation process ensuring accuracy.
  • Through this website, one can also call for a Fabric Sample request through which customers can ascertain quality.
  • The installation video gives the users a step-by-step walkthrough of installation of awning making it more attractive to buyers.
    • Facts & Figures

      The success of Advaning awning is evident from the fact that the sales of advaning is rising linearly and also the customers visiting the site. Over a period of time, Advaning has come up with 7 different products, each with its own distinct advantage and customer experience. Moreover, it has extended the platform to 11 popular authorized dealers across which speaks a lot about the market credibility.

  • Live Example

    Advaning Classic C-series Awnings are in demand these days in all the segments and the company is offering more discounts to increase its sales of that same product. Their simple design, aesthetic look, and user-friendly features deliver high value to customers making it more popular among them.

  • Take Away

    From a business perspective, how does having an online web portal with the strong base and customer oriented features can take companies to new levels in the competitive market. Advaning here has tried doing a lot of creative things through the website which has helped it in extending their customer base. This online platform is the need of today and the success majorly depends upon improving and maintaining what it has right now

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