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Established in 1965, Aljazira is the first of its kind supermarket in Bahrain. They aim to deliver the best selection of products, sourced from around the world, and present them to their buyers at affordable prices. They pride themselves in the rapid growth of their company and attribute it to their understanding of the pulse of the clients and their ability in satisfying the market requirements. Despide having a legacy, they have managed to stay relevant in the current market. They make it a point to deliver quality food products that exceed customer expectations. They have 6 stores in Bahrain across the island in Adliya, Budaiya, Buquwah, Jasra, Juffair, Zinj.

Common Issues Faced by the client

  • Upon conducting secondary research, we found that more than 45% of the customers in the target group were using mobiles to purchase from an online store, so mobile responsiveness was one area of concern for us.
  • Being a renowned brand across the country, high amount of traffic was expected and the website needed to have the ability to handle that.
  • Maintaining a central database and integrating it with the online store to keep a real-time track of the inventory was also a priority.
  • Replicating the experience that customers had at the physical stores and putting that online using a great UI was another challenge that the client wanted to address.
  • Because of the variety of options available online, the client also wanted a solutions to increase customer loyalty.


To allay the concerns of the client and be in line with their vision of being relevant, the solution was to develop a store that had the latest UI. The aim of this store was to provide a seamless experience to the end users, make it easier for the client to manage the online store while also making it easier for the customers to buy their desired items.


  • To web store was made mobile responsive and all the bugs were fixed so that the customers could easily navigate the website and purchase their favorite items.
  • The UI of the website was designed in such a way that all the products were properly categorized and convenient to filter through.
  • A loyalty program was implemented where customers can sign up to create a card and accumulate voucher for every time they spend in their favorite stores and then later have the option to redeem these vouchers.
  • The customers have an option to create an account, purchase their desired items along with getting recommendations for other products that the customer might want to buy.
  • An added functionality of a shopping cart and a wishlist was included so that the customers could keep their favorite items there and then later buy whenever they desired.
  • A smart ERP system was implemented to keep a real-time track of the inventory that was being sold online and merge that data with the offline stores as well.

Facts & Figures

The Aljazira Group has always invested their resources in staying relevant to their market. Keeping that in mind, their web store did exactly that. Because of this store, they were able to manage their operations better, increase the productivity of their team and ultimately get more traffic and conversions for their web store.

Take Away

This case study demonstrates the expertise of Magneto in not just eCommerce development but creating a comprehensive online presence to accelerate the growth of a business.

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