Daikin - Buy Various Products & Book After-Sale Services Online Case Study


Revamp the website for Daikin Latam as per the UI/UX guidelines enabled the company to showcase all their products & categories and gave their customers freedom to buy various products and book after-sale services online.


The ask

Daikin Latin America is a Japanese company with more than 90 years of experience in air conditioning and climate control solutions.They are one of leading manufacturers and suppliers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipments, including heat pumps and refrigeration.Daikin is a global company with over 90 production facilities and over 67,000 employees worldwide.Daikin designs and quickly delivers products to match the specific needs of local customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.
The goal was to build a comprehensive website to match the standards of a huge global brand like Daikin.

Common issues faced by the client

  • The website had to include all detailed information on all products & technologies, and various solutions that the company offered.
  • The website needed to have a great UI and Interactive homepage in order to maintain the brand status and build relationships with customers.
  • Client also wanted to link their distributors to the website for online shopping, after sale services booking etc.
  • Client also wanted to add a section where their customers can find an Installer according to their location, line of business and product line.
  • Client wished to have a special section where customers can find an architect and consultant.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



Considering the project requirements and standards of a global brand like Daikin, Magneto IT Solutions created an all-encompassing website that showcased all the brand values of Daikin and established an online communication channel with the customers.



  • The customer had the ability to see the entire portfolio of the client and choose the item that best suited their requirements.
  • Using the Find an Architect and Consultant functionality customers were able to get easy access to architect and consultants.
  • The Seamless UI and interactive homepage allowed smooth navigation for the customers which increased the customer conversion rate for the client.
  • Integrating the distributor’s website to Daikin’s website helped customers to get direct access to distributors for sales and support services.
  • The website allows customers to find an installer according to their location, line of business, and product line.

Facts and Figures

  • Website traffic rose monthly.
  • Improve customer experience.

Responsive layouts

We created a mobile-friendly template for Daikin Latam’s website. We made sure that the web pages work smoothly on all mobile devices. In addition to this, the navigation and content categories were created in such a way that it provides a consistent experience to the customers.


Take Away

This case study shows how Magneto IT Solutions assisted a global brand like Daikin Latin America to build an all feature website to maintain their relationship with their customers and make an impactful online presence.

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