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Dar Al Taqwa Hotel

Magento IT Solution Dar Al Taqwa Hotel

Common Issues Faced by the client

    • Even though the hotel had a prime location, the word of mouth was not enough to get more customers.
    • Booking management needed to be optimized as it was difficult to manually take care of all the orders that were coming in.
    • Communicating their value proposition to the prospective customers was difficult when done online.
    • The customers were having trouble making an online booking for the hotels.
    • Maintaining and communicating the occupancy in the different hotel rooms was extremely difficult and the customer was only made aware of this when they came to the reception.
    • Showcasing the entire range of offerings to the customers was difficult for the hotel.
Magento IT Solution Dar Al Taqwa Hotel


To make it easy and convenient for the end customer to make hotel reservations, an online portal was made to make sure that these concerns of the customers were allayed. This online hotel booking website aimed at delivering the same kind of excellence that customers can expect from the client. This was done by creating a stunning UI for the website and showcasing their different Rooms & Suites along with dining and other services.


    • Customers could conveniently book their stays at the hotel with the relevant services that they would like to avail.
    • The customers had the option to add their reviews about their experience with the stay at the hotel which added a trustworthy feel to the website.
    • Customers have the option of exploring the entire range of offerings that the hotel has and then book their rooms according to their preference.
    • An integrated system was implemented that took care of the online bookings and merged it with the hotel’s database in real-time.
    • While booking the rooms, the customers are clearly able to see the amenities that they could use along with photos of the room.
    • A loyalty program was implemented where customers can create their accounts on the website and start accumulating their reward points which they could redeem later while availing of services.
Magento IT Solution Dar Al Taqwa Hotel

Facts and Figures

The success of Taqwa hotels can be seen in the increase in their footfall due to their online hotel booking website. Also, because of the implementation of the loyalty program, they have been seeing a tremendous increase in their retention rates and their customer loyalty index as well. All of these activities ultimately led to an increase in revenue for the client.

Magento IT Solution Dar Al Taqwa Hotel

Take Away

An example of hotel room booking website development, this case study shows the importance of partnering up with a trusted and experienced website development agency, like Magneto, that provides you with the best solutions be it the development of a website or implementing a loyalty program to improve your customer satisfaction.