Client is having an interior design firms based in New York in United States. For that there is website portal through which he is selling luxurious design consultation services with best designers in the nation. But the problem was the bounces rates, Website was failing to reach the majority of the customers and conversion rate was just a number. This case study portrays the contribution of magneto it solutions developing a fresh website and leveraging different marketing strategies and campaign to generate and traffic and boost business growth.

Many inadequacies were hampering the client’s revenue.

  • Website that client having was not up to the mark. Client’s business is creative business and website is not that intuitive therefore customers visiting the website was failing to trust their credibility.
  • UI/UX of the website was not up to the mark; there was no proper call to action and poor navigation of the website which led customers confusing about it.
  • During our analysis of the website we found that 63% of the customers were bouncing off the website in just 3 Minutes. Which means website was failing to build trust.
  • Website’s organic traffic was very low, SEO and marketing strategies were weak and not practiced in the right direction.
  • When our engineer looks into the website, they found a twisted code with tons of junk. Coding of the website was not done as per the standard as entire coding was horrendous patchwork.


To increase sales and overcome the challenges client wanted to revamp the website an online full-service interior design firm that uses proprietary technology and top-tier designers to make high-end design easy, efficient and accessible to all. We advised the client to redesign the website from the scratch and he promptly said yes. Our UI/UX Designer conducted research on the client’s industry and designed a layout which was intuitive at same time with enhanced experience and our marketing team had run Paid Ad and SEO campaign to generate the high traffic and enhances the conversion rate.


  • After we designed and developed the website and made it live, in first 3 weeks client started seeing the good result and response. Customer engagement rate was improved by the 5 times.
  • For customers that don’t live in the city that client provide service, we integrated the video chat module which is highly personalized through which customers will avail the consultation from the senior designer.
  • Website started getting flooded with consultation enquiries with regular daily basis due to the intuitive design of the website.
  • We have run PPC Ad campaigns for the clients website which resulted helped him in reaching their desired revenue milestones.
  • We have enhanced the brand awareness across the united states by doing on page SEO services.
  • Client before used to invest 400$ on single conversion for PPC Ad while we reduced it 40$ for each conversion happen through PPC services.
    • Facts & Figures

      The success of decoraid evident from the fact that within a very short span of time, it has already attracted the attention of lots of customer and press. When we see press page and testimonials, we come to know about various articles that have been published that directing the greatness of their services and response from the clients which are truly satisfied with their services.

  • Take Away

    This case study determines that how Magneto It solutions improvise web presence and conversion rate of the website and by redesigning the website and running the different marketing campaign which the client to generate more revenue and conversion rates.

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