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Eden Jones is one of the popular brands for eye wears in UAE, UK and other countries. The client was running ecommerce business and aiming of expansion with increased customer reach. The client is also part of noble program that donate the equal amount of money from the product that is sold on the website, supporting the cause and Magneto IT Solution consider all the UX principle that triggers impulse buying. Client has thought about some unique features but was unsure if it was doable and possible to develop. Eyewear industry was very competitive and client had very strong business rivals. Ecommerce team realized that setting up store with interactive design was not only the weapon that can help to stay ahead in the market. This case study depicts the role of Magneto IT Solutions in delivering intuitive ecommerce storefront that helped the client to see the early success with the launch.

Problems faced by the client while making the first move.

  • The client was running their ecommerce website with shopify, and was planning to setup other one but the feature they were planning was not feasible with shopify.
  • The client wanted to entertain the customer in multiple countries and therefore the product delivery and shipping management was bit critical.
  • There was certain line of product that client wanted to sell in UK and same for UAE, product display based on the customer locality is critical.
  • Eyewear industry is very much similar to jewelry industry, customer don’t get easily convinced to buy the product rather they like to view physically before the purchase. This was one of the hurdles.
  • During the research, Magneto realized that client that some competitors who completed occupied the market. It was very hard for new brand to sell in that kind of market.


Understanding the challenges of Industry and client’s expectation, Magneto IT Solution developed the Magento 2 store with full fledge features in order to deliver ultimate shopping experience to the customers.


  • We have integrated the customer checkin functionality where system will ask them about their country location and based on that product will be shown to them in order to eliminate the product ordering which in available in their country or region.
  • Magneto created the custom flow for the feature like custom ordering to enable the client to create the order for the customer.
  • Based on the product attribute and zip code classification, created a system that assign shipping agency on different parameters.
  • Implemented design strategy based on the customer interest and developed an interactive user environment to enhance shopping experience.

Facts and Figures

The client highly appreciated the supported provided by Magneto IT Solutions and within few month of launch client started seeing growth in their revenue and with their service, they have been highly appreciated by their customers.

Take Away

This case study represents the how the power of consulting can help to create sustainable solutions. In current world, IT Service Company is working on Sales model, while Magneto just wants to provide their world class consulting by helping clients to solve their business problems with interactive ecommerce solutions.

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