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Entesla is leading distributor of various IoT devices, sensors, gateways in Indian market. They are prominent players in gateways and sensor modules and dealing with the IoT with automated/non-automated products. Entesla wanted to make the life easier for business organization and retail customers by providing various IoT and sensor modules online to streamlined process with configurable product options. Client approached us for a complete revamp of their website design to impart its freshness and pleasant appeal. They was thinking of making the navigation easy and highly user friendly to make the product purchase as uncomplicated as possible. The client not wanted the webshop to look like product store but wanted to potray themslves as a expert in automation and monitoring devices. They want their customer to see them as brand which offers one stop solution for all their requirement. Offering an extensive collection of over top international and local brands with different products and accessories, their customers can shop from their categories online. With this project, client aimed of showcasing their creativity at making personalized IoT devices and sensors. Our development team has utilized their efforts to create a culminated website with a beautiful display of the products that are intuitively navigated.

The problems faced by the client reaching their customers

  • Clearly, a number of changes had to be made to the website’s existing framework to move things in a forward direction.
  • The previous website was unable to cope-up with the scaled-up traffic and was taking too much time for loading.
  • The client wanted to improve the site’s credibility for the end-user by providing a seamless and eye-catchy User Interface.
  • The major issue was with the improper management of cart and payment processes which in turn affecting the conversion ratio.
  • The main challenge was to design a new website that enhanced existing bespoke functionality while maintaining scalability and addressing much-needed performance enhancements.


Magneto IT Solutions have closely and deeply worked with the client`s new website and have surpassed all the possible challenges and issues that are faced.


  • The client has witnessed the significant improvement in customer engagement rate and downfall in the cart abandonment rate.
  • Implanted a Cookie based redirection for returning consumers and route them on their last stayed view.
  • The scalability of the revamped store is improved and the conversion ratio has boosted.
  • Enhanced the checkout process by smoothing all customers data filling with a simple drop-down option to modify their orders.
  • Integrated the rate & review plug-in in store through which customer can give rating and others can trust.

Facts and Figures

Entesla is eminent in designing and manufacturing high quality GPS Telematics, sensor monitoring devices and hardware and software products. Their store has evolved with a number of unique eCommerce features and has the capability to generate number of visits that can follow up with the new customers.

Take Away

This case study showcased the products that are commonly used in the technological world which not only displays the centralized approach but also contributed with a unified digital presence. Magneto IT stood up in the evaluation process by establishing the flawless IOT integration with simple and user friendly approach.

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