Artists were able to promote their music videos on a subscription-based platform, and their followers enjoyed the streaming.


The ask

Fanclub is a community that brings fans and artists together on one platform. It’s a one-of-a-kind space where music fans can listen to a wide choice of exclusive music content from their favorite musicians, as well as a whole bunch of new musicians who have yet to be discovered.

Common issues faced

  • The Fanclub aimed to build a platform where fans could take advantage of the offerings of their favorite artists and have access to exclusive content.
  • The client wanted a home page for fans on Fanclub that displayed recently played music, playlists, collections, subscribing artists, new releases, top charts, and trending content.
  • The client has requested an artist dashboard that showed how many subscribers, likes, and songs they had submitted. On the dashboard, artists may see their most recent uploads as well as their top five videos.
  • The client desired a feature that would allow artists to view their profile analytics, determined based on several metrics such as the number of songs submitted, likes received, and streams received.
  • The customer wanted a feature where artists could have public profile links that they could use in their various social media bios to encourage their followers to sign up for Fanclub.
  • When fans sign up for the platform, the client wanted to include a loyalty feature that would allow them to acknowledge the artist that motivated them to do so. The artist will profit from the loyalty bonus in this scenario.
  • The client desired a customized video player on the platform with capabilities such as playback speed adjustment, quality change, play in picture, download option, and play only audio.

Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue



As a digital partner, Magneto IT Solutions assisted them in building an online platform where fans can subscribe to and watch videos of their favorite artists performing. Artists can sign up for the platform and profit from its operations. To meet the client’s requirements, Magneto supplied an amazing UI/UX experience.

Facts & figures

Fanclub provided an opportunity for fans and artists to connect with its operations. It also managed to register several musicians on the site. Fans also signed up for the platform and subscribed to receive exclusive content from their favorite artists.


Mobile application

For Fanclub, Magneto IT Solutions created a user-friendly mobile application. We double-checked that the apps ran well and included all current features. Customers enjoyed streaming on the app because of the fluid navigation and fantastic UI/UX, which made it incredibly comfortable to enjoy music.


Take Away

The Fanclub community has become stronger due to digitalization, making it simpler for fans to engage with their favorite artists. Magneto IT Solutions was able to provide the most cost-effective solution.

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