Featherdown - Glamping Site Booking Business Case Study

Feather Down

Magento IT Solution Featherdown

Problems regarding managing offline camp booking.

  • Client was facing problem in managing the customers requests from the different regions.
  • It has become very hard for his team to deal with customers on phone about the inquiry and giving them update.
  • Dealing with clients from the different European countries was become tough and managing their details at the same time was inconsistent and needed more manpower.
  • Checking the camping site based on the request from the customers was taking a lot of time to give them update about it.
  • Based on the Customers inquiries about the camping site for different locations, Giving them status about the availability of camps was a lot of time-consuming.
  • Clients was facing the issue in managing the payments from the customers.
  • Manual handling of inventory and records updation has become the surpassing issue.
Magento IT Solution Featherdown


We have conducted research, study and understood core areas of glamping industry. Based on our research we prepared the list of features which could be ideal for the client glamping website. This case study portrays the contribution of magneto development services in delivering reliable solutions to the client.


  • We have developed a full-fledged portal which can let customers register and search around thousands of camp locations from the Europe.
  • Through the portal customers view all pre-set basic needs with amenities of farm site through the details like images, accommodation, and features involved, specialty, reviews as well nearby adventures through the website.
  • Receiving the payment from the customers was a serious issue before. For this, we have integrated secure different payment gateway with the website, so the customer can check and book the camp and can pay through different payment gateway options.
  • We have implemented a route planner feature on the website so that customers can check the route on the map to farm sites from their current location.
  • We have integrated inventory software with the system to ensure changes , transaction and order updates are automatically updated.
  • We have developed a separate portal for the countries like Netherland and UK.
Magento IT Solution Featherdown

Facts & Figures

The proof for success is an expansion of farm sites in the USA in addition to leading European countries. There are already 64 farm sites which are running successful and average customer review is 9.5/10 with more than 35% repeat customer rate. In few months clients have experienced the significant improvement in revenue. As we have integrated the website with backend inventory software, handling and managing sales accounts were automated. By getting heavy traffic from the Netherlands, we have developed another website for customers in the Netherlands. Sales and revenue were improved up to 6 times.

Live Example

The evidence for the success of this immense platform could be its awards of “Best Glamping Holiday” from ‘Junior Design Awards 2013, “Best UK Camping 2011’ & “2012” in a row from ‘Mumsnet’. Recently it has got “Bronze” from ‘Prima Baby Award 2016’ for Family Holiday in Europe under Family Travel category.

Magento IT Solution Featherdown

Take Away

The case study summarizes the magnificent support a competent web development platform can offer to a local or national level business. With the highly customized services delivered by Magneto IT, all your web service queries converge to a single answer, the ultimate commitment of 360 degrees quality for the best.