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Magento IT Solution Global Stone Paving

Common Issues Faced

    • Our client was not able to showcase their entire collection of products to their customers.
    • Even though the offline channels were working great for the natural paving stone supplier, they wanted more reach amongst their target segment.
    • Because of the sales happening in real-time, it was difficult to keep track of the inventory and that became a constant hindrance.
    • The web store needed to have a great UI in order to build trust with the visitors so that the company could build trust with its customers.
    • It was difficult for the end customers to keep a track of their orders and know about their current status.
    • Managing payments was yet another limitation that was used to create productivity overheads for the client.
Magento IT Solution Global Stone Paving


Despite having a strong offline presence, the client wanted to have a digital footprint as well. To do this an enquiry website was created where people could easily see the different products that the client offered. The website had the entire information about installation and maintenance along with the complete and detailed product description.

Complementing the enquiry website, an natural stone eCommerce website was also developed where customers could go, compare products and buy the desired items without any hiccups. These solutions addressed the problems that the end customers as well as our client was facing.


    • The customers had the ability to see the entire portfolio of the client and choose the item that best suits their needs.
    • Using the visualizer functionality, the customers could see exactly how the product would look in an outdoor setting.
    • Buyers can keep their products in the wishlist and then proceed to checkout later when they are ready to buy.
    • With the addition of an automated backend system, maintaining inventory became convenient and customers could also track the status of their orders.
    • An enquiry website along with an eCommerce website gives the client a competitive advantage over the traditional brick and mortar stores.
    • The seamless UI allowed smooth navigation for the customers and increased the customer conversion rate for the client.
    • The website allows customers to find the nearest stockists to their locations.
Magento IT Solution Global Stone Paving

Facts and Figures

Following are the facts and figures related to this case study about natural stone store development:

After the website was live, our client saw a considerable increase in the footfall to their physical stores. All of this was because of the enquiry website that showcased their entire collection and allowed customers to locate a store near them.

Magento IT Solution Global Stone Paving

Take Away

This case study shows the importance of having a competent natural paving stone website development service that can give you an online presence and more so having an experienced eCommerce development agency like Magneto create that presence for you. It is important to create the right kind of website using the right kind of technologies to achieve your business goals.