Heritage Parts Centre

Upgrade outdated eCommerce store for seamless browsing and better performance in Adobe Commerce Cloud

Heritage Parts

Key Objective

Heritage Parts Centre, a UK-based car parts supplier, asked us to help fix problems with their online store. To ensure better performance, they wanted to upgrade their outdated model, loading speed, product navigation and optimize the integration with an ERP and PIM platform.

Core Challenge

Slow loading page

Heritage Parts Centre is having trouble with slow-loading webpages because of the implementation of the marque and model module. The client needs to use this module every time whenever they are developing a new webpage, it slows down the site loading speed, causing a poor user experience.

Lack of flexibility for custom solutions

The website’s coding language was too complex, leading to performance issues. The marque and model were set in a fixed manner, making it difficult to provide personalized solutions to users.

Poor web design

The client faced issues with their poor UI/UX design and integration of innovative design elements. Due to their outdated web design, they faced challenges in maintaining a positive user experience.

Poor User Experience

Managing a multi-vendor process proved challenging for both parties. Difficulties included product uploading, carrying forward in the loop, and the inability to hide or click links, adversely affecting the user experience and multi-vendor store management.

Inappropriate Navigation

Heritage Parts Centre has a massive inventory of more than 30,000 products, making it difficult to manage them efficiently. As a result, the company struggled to provide customers with easy access to the desired products, leading to a poor customer experience.


Increased Traffic


Increased Conversion


Increased Revenue

Heritage Parts


Better UI/UX Design

The client had trouble fixing their UI/UX bugs, leading to a poor user experience. We assisted them in improving their website by implementing Adobe Commerce cloud features. This helped to enhance the look and feel of the webpage, resulting in a positive user experience.

Simplified Navigation

Heritage Parts Centre was facing difficulties in managing its product index. Therefore, we assisted them in creating improved categories and indexes for their vast range of products. This enhancement has enabled better interaction with their end-customers, as they can now find their desired products effortlessly.

Implementation of Custom Functionality

The client was facing several web performance issues related to their online store’s marque and model module. We implemented custom URL detection using Adobe Commerce Cloud features to streamline their processes. We improved category page URLs by making them more user-friendly and adding the “marque and model ” levels. This boosted their SEO performance without removing the model name and didn’t hamper visitor engagement.

Rapid Website Loading speed

The client was having trouble with their website’s loading speed. We fixed it using Adobe Commerce Cloud and simplified their complex coding languages to load it faster.

Simplified Payment process

The client faced difficulties simplifying the payment management process on their website. To solve the issue, we added the Adyen platform. This helps Heritage to offer multiple payment options to their customers. These options include UPI, cards, and online payments. This integration provided a hassle-free payment processing experience for the end-users.

Heritage Parts
Heritage Parts

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