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Established in the early 1980s, The Highland Mint is a company that provides a full-service mint. It comes under the category of a sports ecommerce company. Its facilities in Melbourne, Florida house state-of-the-art services spanning 40,000 square foot which enables them to take any job from start to finish. They have numerous in-house abilities which makes them the best in the business. This case study about sports collectibles ecommerce store development brings forth the problems faced by our client and their customers while also showcasing how these problems were solved effectively.

Common Issues Faced while buying memorabilia offline

  • Order management was complex on their existing website as it was difficult to track which orders were placed, shipped, and delivered.
  • The existing website had an extremely outdated UI and was not mobile responsive because of which the customers of the client were facing issues.
  • Handling customer queries along with giving them an update about their orders was tedious because of the poor inventory management.
  • There were difficulties in managing inventory across multiple facilities.
  • Because of their existing UI, showcasing their entire offerings was not possible and the customers were facing issues in operating the website.
  • Keeping track of payments was difficult, especially in the case that the payment failed to go through.
  • The client’s old website did not have a review section which was led to a low trust factor in the website.


The solution implemented for this client is a great example of a development of sports memorabilia eCommerce store. Although having an offline presence was working well for our client, they wanted to expand their footprint in the market and make their services available to the whole market. To help them achieve this goal, we revamped their entire website with a better UI and better functionalities that allowed them to reach and retain more customers and showcase their entire collection.


  • Through the new and updated UI along with the mobile responsive design, customers could now browse through the entire collection of The Highland Mint and choose the perfect memorabilia for themselves.
  • An integrated software that makes inventory management easy and shows the real-time availability of the product.
  • Customers can view detailed information about the product like its description, price, and shipping details.
  • Reviews of other customers that bought the same product gave the website a trust factor and increased the conversion rate.
  • An advanced search option that enabled the customers to search for the right product among the thousands available.
  • The option of a shopping cart allows them to keep the products in the cart and then purchase when they are ready.
  • Customers have the option to create a profile, get offers that are customized for them and track the status of the orders that they have placed.

Facts & Figures

Highland Mint’s success is evident from the increased sales and a huge base of happy customers. The seamless UI of the online store along with the option to search and the simplified payment methods were the major attractions for the customers.

Take Away

This case study shows Magneto’s proficiency in sports ecommerce website development. It is a testament to the success that an efficient and smooth running online portal built using appropriate web development technologies can bring to a business that is planning to increase their reach..

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